Sweet Jane Type A Cigar Review

What’s going on Everybody!
I’m Kevin from… where’s my drink? (Miss Cigar prop) Hmmm, yea that’s gonna help. What’s going on everybody I’m Kevin from
cigar prop, and I’m Jessie from Cigar prop and today we got a cool exciting review for you today, Jessie what
are we smoking? Sweet Jane…the… Type A we’re smoking Sweet Jane…. we’re starting
completely over now because you’re a dick… okay. And if you put this on, I am going to
kill you. Sweet Jane Type A. Yeah this is why I don’t want to wing it because I don’t plan
on talking hardly and now that you are going to put this shit out there to the
world. No I’m not. He’s going to put this shit out there to the world and then he’s gonna die in his
sleep. Alright so one more time. What’s going on
everybody I’m Kevin from Cigar prop I’m Jessie from Cigar prop and today we
got an exciting review, today what are we smoking Jessie? The Sweet Jane Type A. You
may be asking yourself Jessie that is a amazingly long cigar, this cigar is 9
inches, just a hair under, eight and seven eighths maybe a 16th, I don’t know what
that number would be so we’re gonna round that up to nine inches that is a
massive beast this is the exact same thing as a typical sweet Jane just longer, I think we did a review did we do a review for Fat Bottom Betty, Sweet
Jane? I don’t know um maybe. I’ll look later
Put it inthe notes down below. Okay the Deadwood Tobacco Company located in the
historic city of Deadwood South Dakota. The Deadwood Tobacco Company and cigar
bar is a full-service tobacconist with all your favorite cigars, tobacco
products and accessories blah blah blah,there’s more of that you can go to
Deadwood.com or Deadwoodtobacco.com you can see all that stuff I was
just so stoked, I’ve never had a type-a before so what was intriguing on this was how
the flavor is going to be throug… throughout throughout the cigar I think
that’ll be cool and to see how long it takes to smoke these 7:36 remember at
the end we got to say what time it is so so alright so yeah we got these cool patches
when…. pretty cool patches, and this fantastic box cool, yeah real real wooden box, open it
up I don’t know what we’re gonna do with this box yet but uhh this is such a cool,
just such a cool box logo so um yeah. Like I said I think we did something on
the Sweet Jane/Fat Bottom Betty so we we already know that we like like this
cigar this type of cigar umm, so get a good cut there? But what I like
most and it doesn’t really make a difference on that this is gonna be a
different type of review you know in case anybody hadn’t seen a Type A
before well what kind of maybe time that see how long it’s gonna take to smoke
I’m assuming it’s going to be the exact same..It’s 737 all right…that’s the
official time I’ve never lit a cigar this far away
from my face before… so… and I wanted to just enjoy this cigar, my lovely fiancee
in case any of you haven’t seen my other videos, umm this Miss Cigar prop, so ummm… she’s one
of the few women out there that I know personally I know there’s a lot of women
cigar smokers out there I know it’s a smaller percentage than the men but this
is just one of those times that we get to spend together. Kind of winding
down our day here in our palatial one car garage and I don’t know about you
but I definitely enjoy our time…Listen I’m interupting him, you keep pointing that at me it’s gonna burn me. We’re not used to having this long. I know.
That’s one thing caution, it’s very long and you might…. Yeah these drum with these
drumsticks that were smoking here so and the flavor… so far just like a Sweet
Jane what I expect from a Sweet Jane it’s not like more overpowering or less
it’s about the same for me. What is surprising me is the draw oh yeah you
would think it would be tougher I do find it was a little bit harder for me
to light it but maybe because I was being apprehensive cuz it’s so long, but it really
is a fantastic draw just as smooth I would thought I thought it would have
been a little tougher you know because uh because of the length so alright so
we’re gonna smoke this up we were about seven thirty seven so… we’re gonna smoke
this up and see how long this goes so all right well I’ll see you cats
and kittens here back in a little bit Alright everybody and we’re back… alright
we’re uh we’re at the 40 minute mark and we’re…. she’s a little faster than I
am so we’re we’re still we’re probably not even not even halfway what do we
what do we got here I have got six inches left she’s at five
inches so we started at nine so neither one of us smoked down to about the last
two so we’re we’re probably probably close to the halfway point….. yeah, this is
a beast of a cigar but I don’t know about yours but mine totally not hot I
would have thought drawing all that hot smoke through the entire length this
whole time this thing would just be blazing hot it’s not hot the draw is
still constant it’s it hasn’t changed flavors no that is what I was gonna comment, the flavor is still pretty consistent
and like I said just just not hot still a good draw so it stayed pretty even
temperature you know throughout yeah so I think we gotta get kids in there you
know so that’s why I love about kind of smoking out here sometimes we come back
here to smoke to unwind this is kind of our our getaway for an hour or so out
here there there are no kids there are no bills, yeah,you probably hear our dog rooting
around out there, I think she found a coconut, yeah she’s a thing. but yeah so it’s been enjoyable so I
think we’re gonna I think we’re gonna have to put this down I thought I’d be
closer but uh so we’re gonna we’re gonna clip this and let it go out naturally
we’re gonna clip it and try and come back to this tomorrow generally on a
typical cigar once I’m done I’m done but I’ve got so much of this left
I’ve almost got a regular Sweet Jane left so I think we’re gonna we’re gonna come
back at… you haven’t ever come back to a cigar yet
so this will be a new one for you to to come back to it and then we’ll see we’ll
see how well that smokes so alright so uh not really informative we did not we
did not inform you of anything.. half ass smoked a cigar but we had fun and
that’s what uh that’s what it’s all about
it’s not always about… I would recommend smoking this when you actually have a
lot of time. Yes for me it would be the time polishing my cigar props from doing
something else those times I’m burning through… when I don’t have a chance to
smoke two full cigars I usually I always get through one pretty quickly and then
I’m having to put one out like halfway through I think an A would uh would be
good so I’m not to look into other A’s I know it’s not a popular size but I
know some other manufacturers offer A’s so… I mean I can’t.. I can understand why
it’s not a popular size I mean I love the Sweet Jane but it’s too much of a
cigar this is too much it’s too much but uh but for it we got a kick-ass box I
ordered a couple patches while we were having the shipping I think their
patches are like two bucks for a patch so they really don’t gouge you right
honestly for the life of me cannot remember the price of this but it was so
reasonable even with shipping it wasn’t it really wasn’t… No I certainly think
somebody who likes the Sweet Jane should try it.
Yea maybe if you haven’t had one yet maybe maybe step down try the smaller
one and then before you go into here so alright I think that’s a I think
that’s it I think that’s all we got for this evening and remember make sure you
give your cigars the props they deserve one day we’ll get it. One day