Targeting lung cancer

-My mom she’s everything to me she’s my best friend I’ve never lived more than two miles from her my whole life we hang out together a lot and she is 83 you know my life would be really different without her I can’t even think about I can’t even I just can’t think about it I just can’t imagine it -My name is Jackie Racer and I’ve been diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer in October of 2008 I started chemotherapy at another hospital and I went for a year and a half and they told me that they had done all they could for me and for me to call hospice and he said that I had three to six months to live and then Nancy got this name of Dr. Ou. -When we contacted him we didn’t realize there was a trial going on it couldn’t have been more meant to be he was so excited and said your mother fits the criteria for this we want to see her in the clinic tomorrow now first to be honest my mom was a little skeptical because she had a really hard time with traditional chemo -I was just completely drained -I mean she couldn’t get from you know her bedroom to the restroom or from her kitchen to the bedroom -I just didn’t want to go through that again and Dr. Ou convinced me that it wouldn’t be like that and he was more than right. -My mom had a tumor on her airway and she had a terrible cough so he started her on the trial and her cough was gone I mean gone and she doesn’t even cough anymore -It’s like everything isn’t real. We’ve called him the miracle worker. [talking] -You can just see how pleased he is when he looks at her results and her scan and he just smiles and just says you’re doing good you’re doing good. [talking] -I think we are very fortunate that Jackie found us and we found her too and we were able to treat her and able to get the response within a month we were able to published a case report and it’s very important for patients who enroll in the clinical trials especially at UC Irvine. Lung cancer is not what it used to be started no longer death sentence that you actually have responded very well so it keeps us screening because we know that this will work and if you find the patients this should work. -Her effort her going to this journey is just very heroic it can really help a lot of people. -The difference I think between the other hospital and this hospital is that this is a research hospital and they do study and specialize in certain areas where at the other hospital I don’t think that the doctors there were even aware that this trial even existed. -I would say that if she had not been on the clinical trial she probably won’t be living today [talking] -I couldn’t do it by myself he gave me a second chance. -You can’t even put words to how important this research is. -This is a very exciting time for those of us who are involved in cancer research because we’re able to participate and generate really groundbreaking discoveries that are dramatically affecting the prognosis for our cancer patients. -One of the things I think would be really fantastic is to save a life I don’t know how many people could get to say that so here I guess the doctors can say that cuz I’m saving my mom’s life with UCI’s help. We’re just happy that we’re still a family