Te Amo Cigars

San Andrés through the time has been a major tobacco producer globally, it has always been recognized by the quality of its tobacco. First of all the seeds have to be selected, this is very important because it gives you a basis
of what to expect for the following year. The flourishing of our region starts over the sixties
as a result of what happens in Cuba. If you notice this area of San Andrés has
always been related to what happens in Cuba. And it beggins another stage, it starts specially the planting of tobacco leaf. It reaches a production that had never been reached before. They make to the tobacco of San Andres a very
important market in New York and its surroundings, and it became a tobacco of that area. People of Mexico who went to New York and
its surroundings started to buy this mexican cigar, and found out that it was not sell nor marketed in our country. In the Turrent Family, which is composed by my
brother Miguel, knowdays Alejandro and Miguel and I, in 1995 closed the transaction and we bought the 100% of the company. However, the sowing yes, we are five generations
that have worked in the tobacco bussines. All the brands began to launch special editions, new editions; and we could not be left behind This tobacco is grown with no chemical affecting the
earth nor have toxic waste for tobacco. It has been widely accepted here in Mexico, in
other countries also we are already selling it.