The Cigar Caddy 40 Cigar Travel Humidor

The Cigar Caddy 40 Cigar Travel Humidor.
This travel humidor measures 12 14″ wide, 10 1/4″ deep and 5.5″ tall.
It will hold up to 40 cigars and is made of crush proof ABS plastic.
On the front of this humidor there are 2 clasps to hold the lid nice and secure.
There’s also a little hole on both sides so you can actually put a padlock on if you want
to have a bit more security so no one touches your stash of cigars.
The front of the humidor has a purge valve which you can open or close. This releases
pressure that might be building up inside the humidor if you take it on a plane.
When you leave from one atmosphere and go to another atmosphere sometimes this can be
hard to open since it has such an airtight seal, you just purge the air and it comes
right up. It also features a nice handle so you can
easily carry around all your cigars. On the back of this humidor, you have a piano
hinge that runs the entire length, this is going to add extra stability to the case.
On the bottom there are 4 little rubber feet to make sure it stays nice and firm on any
surface. When you open this up you’ll notice on the
lid there is a white O-ring which meshes with a lip on the bottom to make this humidor completely
airtight as well as waterproof. It also features a standard foam humidifier
that you can remove and fill with activator solution or distilled water.
This humidor has foam inserts that you can put your cigars in and each one of these hold
10 cigars and stack on top of each other. You can put as many or as few of these in
as you want, and then you simply stack them back on top and close the lid.
This is The Cigar Caddy 40 Cigar Travel Humidor.