The Display II Cigar Humidor

The Display II Cigar Humidor
This humidor holds 75-100 cigars. It measures 13 in wide by 11 in deep by 23 inches tall.
It features a rich mahogany finish. This humidor has tempered glass on all four sides and scratch
resistant padded feet. The front of the humidor has a front mounted
analog hygrometer as well as a gold color pull. The side of the humidor has a gold color
lock and key. This humidor features Sure Seal Technology which is the Spanish cedar on the
door meshes with the cedar inside to create a nice tight seal. It has a magnetized door so it will stay tight
and closed. This humidor has three adjustable cedar trays with three adjustable dividers.
The trays can be mounted straight or at an angle for point of sale display. This humidor
also comes with a traditional foam humidifier.