The Perfect Cigar Cut: A Quick & Easy Guide To Cutting A Cigar With A Guillotine

Paul Anthony: Hello, and welcome to Bespoke
Unit. My name’s Paul Anthony. C.P.: And I’m C.P. Paul Anthony: And the purpose of today’s short
video is to show you how to do a perfect cut on a cigar. C.P.: So, Paul you’re going to show us how
to do the perfect cut with this Camacho right here. Are you ready? Paul Anthony: That’s correct. Let’s get started. Thanks for the introduction Charles. Here we have this Camacho Connecticut, and
I’m not sure if you can see here but we have a triple cap on this cigar, and what we want
to do is cut the cigar above that cap so you don’t risk unraveling the cigar itself. What I’m going to do quickly is moisten the
cigar in my mouth without licking, and then for demonstration purposes because it’s a
little easier, I’m going to show you with these scissors of where to cut the cigar,
so in this area here, not down here, as you’ll risk unraveling the wrapper. What we’re going to do is take this guillotine
cutter and we’re going to place it on the head of the cigar and we’re going to make
on fell swoop, and there you have it guys. The perfect cut cigar. If you’re interested in learning about different
cuts such as the punch or the V-cutter please see the link below and also our other cigar