The Stephanie Deasy Story – Recovery from Stage 4 Lung Cancer – Part 1 of 10

Hi! My name is stephanie Deasy. I am from
Lynchburg Virginia. I’m 42 years old uh… 41
actually, I’ll be 42 years old. I’m a mother of two. And um… I was diagnosed with stage four lung
cancer uh… exactly one year ago. It’s um… It was July 2010. And um… I always been in fitness; for about
the last 20 years. And I’ve been running group fitness programs
and teaching people about nutrition and group fitness.
I’ve been a personal trainer. I’m a presenter for one of the national
organizations. So, always been into health. I um… didn’t feel well for just a couple of weeks. I had been a
little short of breath. I had a cough but just thought it was allergy related and Anyway, went to the doctor and they said
I had pneumonia; so, a walking pneumonia. So, I figured that’s all I had and this
was the weekend of July 4th. I think it was about july 9th
by the time they… I uh They put me through a couple of tests and figured out
it was pneumonia; put me on an antibiotic and ten days later it wasn’t gone. Put me through more blood tests and anyway…
kept putting me through all these tests and I was wondering why for pneumonia? But it wasn’t going away and they
obviously thought it was something more. Went back to my regular doctor after ten
days. uh… he continued doing tests and sent me on to a lung specialist at this
point, because we tried; I said just try a different antibiotic. I’m sure it’s You know, pneumonia. We’ll take care of it;
we’ll get rid of it. He sent me to a lung um… a specialists. And they put me through
a series of tests. And last test he brought me into his office and told me I had stage 4 lung cancer. What do you do with that? I jumped out of my body basically and
uh… He was continuing to talk and tell me it wasn’t good. um… I had a very rare
kind of lung cancer. I; It’s a kind that attacks women who don’t smoke, in their
40’s; I had just turned 40. I’ve never smoked. And all he could stay is in his 30 years of
practicing he’d only seen maybe 3 or 4 cases. And he was very sorry. OK. That’s all you can give me…