The Treasure Dome Cigar Humidor

This is the Treasure Dome cigar humidor This humidor measure 18 inches wide, 12.5
inches deep and 10.5 inches tall. It holds up to 300 cigars. It has got a beautiful glossy
mahogany finish. It features a brass plated lock and key. Great for you owners with kids,
this will give you that extra security and safety. This is a large unit so it does come
with these two brass plated handles, this makes it much easier any time you have to
move your box. There is quadrant brass plated hinges on the back, these hinges are hidden
so this will ensure the stability of the box while still keeping it classy. On the inside
the base of the box has a spanish cedar lip that meshes with the lid. And this is what
give this unit that sure seal technology standard. It comes with two rectangular foam based humidifiers.
These humidifiers have an adhesive and magnetic back making it easy to place these anywhere
you like. It also comes with a round glass face hygrometer it fits perfectly right up
here on the lid. You get two spanish cedar trays with removable and adjustable dividers.
These fit nicely right on the top. The
entire inside is lined kiln dried spanish cedar. you get three more removable and adjustable
dividers for the bottom of the box. And it also come with aerator this will make sure
your cigars stay just as fresh on the bottom as they do on the top. This is the treasure
dome cigar humidor.