The YT MOB World Tour: Ep. 2 – Obsession

Obsession, that’s the root for talent, our goal is to help the next generation find their obsession to give them the tools they need so they can discover their true potential Our job now is to give the opportunity and
we wanna’ be the number one team in the World My dream is to achieve the highest level i
can A top 10 pretty much is one of my big goals That’s the ultimate goal for me with my riding is to sit on a podium of a World Cup Pretty amazing eh? Look at that Morning everybody hope you had a great sleep, we’re being hosted here by Tori and Justin Leov, Justin a legend in his own right My wife and I have Jentree Mtb which is a venue that Martin Whiteley and
team have come to do here in Oceania A bit of history with Martin, he was my personal manager for many years So what is a Young Talent Camp? What are we even talking about? It’s an opportunity to give 8 kids a ticket, to the final try out, were we will choose
2 young and talented individuals to race for the 2020 YT Mob team What we’re going to do this morning is go up there with Angel, don’t go out there and throw yourself off the hill
because your not going to learn anything sitting in a sling These kids need to walk the tight
rope of talent and work ethic with passion propelling them without that obsession they will stay stagnant This is the top of the track, this is going to be very similar to a World Cup track So you just need to go a little bit more to the left that’s why i would like to go here because it looks like there’s always going to be support here This will be different in like 3 runs 2 runs even 1run it will change Put your ego aside and accept that you don’t know anything, listen to learn There is no rule book that says you
have to do things a certain way in this sport and for each person it’s going to be a little
bit different and a mix of everything so i think a lot of it is bad experiences finding out what works for you Absorb the experience and build your own rulebook so when something goes wrong you can evolve Theyre going to feel like they’re riding slow Yeah we’ll keep telling them that they have to make there own decision you can say to someone go slow
go slow go slow and then ‘i crashed’ So if you go over the left your gonna’ go more in the inside where it’s soft so your not going to hit that stuff, look at that Many of them are not really watching or hearing what I’m saying so it could be funny to see them Kids at this stage haven’t really thought about it too much, they just want to send stuff
and drift corners and go as quick as they can but they haven’t got that experience yet Are you going to do what you did in there in the race run? You should try the way we
came man, you need to try to know if its better or not it can be better for him and not for
you but you at least try it Being a pro downhill rider is not always that much fun its not always going out jumping, skidding and doing cutties everywhere you focus on riding smooth braking early, boring riding really your not slashing corners, i think that’s the maturity side For me it doesn’t matter there to there how fast you do it, it matters from there to the next turn how fast you can do it There you go You have to work really hard and figure
out the best part so sometimes you stand back and let them find their own way and other times you got to get in there and move them in the right direction Trial and error is tough, it’s being able to walk away after taking a chance and carrying the speed, but i think
experience will help you to relax At this stage its also very hard, they are very young kids, these guys are just kids they’re having fun aswell but there is a point were if your
going to follow the career of a racer you need to start thinking ok this is what i need to do We’ll start our watches on go Up and running Its how they hold themselves when they talk As soon as we talked about doing timed runs and lined them up you start to see their personalities come through You can see the kids who are focussed, you see the kids who are all over the place There’s a few seconds in there, a little bit of a jump You start to identify some of the kids who have those work ethics, doesn’t matter if its windy or raining this is something we need to do I’m still obviously learning about what it’s like to be at that level of riding but i feel like you have to be serious
about something when you get to a high level of it As a young rider sometimes it’s hard
to see the forest through the trees when your grinding but the guys who make it they’re just the most determined This is all training at the end of the day It’s going to make you quicker at National Champs I don’t know if you pick it up but you can see how they all deal, some people are yelling out of the start, some are quiet and then you can also see their
body language in the first few corners more for these young guys doing that is going to get them used to racing I think its good for them Some of them are trying really hard all
of them are really fast its good, they’re learning There’s only one rule and that is to keep learning, that’s the first step to realizing your true potential we’ll be following these kids throughout their season to see how they stay motivated especially the obsessed ones There maybe no-one from this camp, that’s the thing we don’t really know until we’ve finished the whole circuit
but out of this camp so far theres some quality here, we might have alot to choose from Kids are important for the future, and kids will be the next Aaron Gwin, Greg Minaar and Rachel Atherton and its important to have someone who shares the same passion Everyone enjoys riding their bike but its the whole process of trying to be the absolute best you can
be That’s the passion you need, you don’t have that you won’t make it to the next level I think it was a pretty successful camp you’re all in one piece and we really enjoyed it
I want to open the floor to questions So next week we’re heading to Argentina for the next camp What’s up, I’m really stoked to go also too because it’s going to feel like home