Tobacco Free Ohio State Student Interviews Shaun

Oh, I’d approach anyone. If I saw even one of my own professors you know, I’d be comfortable asking people
to put out their cigarettes. I’m Sean I’m more of a social smoker I have never smoked
on campus to me being on campus and smoking there’s so much pressure against not
doing it I don’t see any benefit some people said you know smokers are
scary I don’t think smokers are scary they’re just like you and me you know I to go out and have a drink,
they like to go outside and have a smoke I like to go out and have a drink at a bar or in a friend’s home I don’t go out and have a drink in the middle
campus. Sometimes you can tell those people that are smoking they don’t realize that there’s other
people around them that are getting offended I’d be comfortable asking people I felt
that were causing a problem to take it elsewhere. Kind of start off with, “Hey man,
How’s it going today?” engage in a normal welcoming
conversation. People don’t like to be told what to do but
people will follow. I think of myself as a problem solver and when
you see that happening on campus there are people that see it as a problem.