Tobacco in Condega, Nicaragua

we return to our sister city called data
nicaragua for a look at how the people there depend on the tobacco in cigar
industry to make a living for their families scott nelson has the story skulls data is a small city and and
still the region of nicaragua located on the panamerican highway one hundred and eighty five kilometers
north of managua spent sixty kilometers south of the
honduran border conduit and has had a sister city
agreement with the city of band since two thousand four purchased for too many friendships
between its citizens tobacco along with coffee ranching and farming
are mainstays of the economy here income data just south of conde we came up and to
battlefield and were invited to tour the operation
by the manager the fertile field same distress for ever and are planted in a way that produces
tobacco plants in cycles so there is always a supply of leaves for the cigar
factories in time believes i picked by teams who worked
tirelessly harvesting row after role of tobacco leaves the process is typically the bottom
three leaves of the plans with the workers hunched over in what
could only be described as backbreaking work at the end of the roses are worker with
a makeshift flag marks the rose for heart as soon as they reach the end of the
road they turn around and returned to the father and and start the process over again always heading toward the fly and subsequent harvest a tobacco plant
will eventually be picked clean three leaves out of time at the edge of the fields are larger
open bonds were women work side by side sorting the leaves the threat each individually fund for a
long poles had once failed with leaves his pickup
by young man hang-up is off to others find the
rafters of the pond for trying and caring and endless cycle
is repeated hour after power and a half today on infrequent breaks that men and boys
play pick up games of st paul with a homemade bath and a bomb made by wrapping layer after
layer of plastic and paper tape to make the ball figure there are several cigar factories
where hundreds of miles and rolled sick working in two person teams each team manufactures anywhere from
three to four hundred cigars in other areas of the factory workers
great inseparably different qualities of tobacco leaf identifying those lawyers use for flavor
and roma from those who use for the murder of old of iraq newly rolled cigars are placed in boxes
and put into a mechanical prostitutes are efficient and integrity finished finally cigars are boxed unsealed and
placed in a very large humidified an extremely aromatic run into a weight
shipment around the world this is an industry that sustains many
people in central america and along with conflict and tension
there’s no way of its sister city friends and come back and i have it