Todos Las Dias Cigar Review

What’s going on everybody
Kevin with cigar prop, back at you with another review. I’m a little
nervous on this one.. cuz I read this first. Should have just printed it. Um I don’t know
where you’re gonna be at seeing these but I’m on a Steve Saka, Dunbarton
Tobacco and Trust video series there’ll be four of them in this series
you may not get all these I don’t I don’t post them all up, yea I probably
shouldn’t even had mentioned that. So we did one last night or two nights ago and
probably two weeks before you see it because I’m lazy.
Um that was the Sobremesa. Tonight we got the Todos los Días. Todos los Días
premium handmade cigars come from Steve Saka and his Dunbarton Tobacco and
Trust Company the name was supposed to translate to all the days which
technically should be spoken as todos los días
but even after many years in Nicaragua creating some of the world’s
best-selling blends, Steve never quite got a handle on the Spanish language.
Although linguistically challenged he’d have Steve had no problem mastering the
use of top-quality Nicaraguan tobacco’s for Todos las Días cigars beautifully
capture the classic bold flavors that represent fine Nicaraguan cigars this
time with his own unique blending style and contemporary flair. Todas las dias is
a Nicaraguan puro comprised of a sun growed Cuban seed wrapper and
recipe of rich Jalapa and rare Esteliano tobacco’s intended for the seasoned
smokers others may want to proceed with caution this powerful full-body treat
energizes the palate with cayenne pepper, earth, espresso, wood, and a sweet caramel
finish. Others may want to proceed with the caution. That might as well been in
parentheses you’re about to get sick okay okay
you’re about to get sick. So this this cigar I hope you’re going to take a nap
after this cigar because you’re gonna want to lay
down. That’s what should be in parenthesis, um but the two others that I
have from him are much bigger I don’t have time I don’t only got about an hour
or so tonight so I need to get get this down I got some Cigar props to polish, I
got some copper to put together for another project…um it’s just it’s I got a
lot going on a lot going on so I got this one from buddy Bill Davies over at
tobacco locker you can see $12.45 Todos las Dias.. should have
been los dias. I don’t know why it should have been that I don’t know the
difference between the two I don’t care enough to Googlefy it find out the
difference between the los and las Should care enough not to turn my phone
on. So that Sobremesa, oh what a fantastic
fantastic fantastic cigar that was. I just wish I had more time to smoke it it I just didn’t, God just lately you want to see something here before before I like
this this is this is my ashtray you see this this is this is like it’s like 3.50
that’s it’s like 2.50 that’s that’s probably four dollars right there I
don’t know I don’t know what’s going on I gotta I gotta I gotta get either more
time or start smoking some some smaller sticks I mean $60 in there that I
haven’t smoked, oh I’m gonna get through this one though.. unless I have to lay
down instantly exciting my entire palate and
mouth but I came across this last week too twice last week doing doing some
videos and same thing as last week just had dinner and had some corn dogs and
onion rings and I know you’re probably thinking Kevin last week weren’t you
eating corn dogs again yeah it’s like the third time in the last week
I’ve had corn dogs, I like corn dogs they pair well with a lot of cigars, I think.
So I’ve run into that to where really maybe five minutes before my mouth tends
to calm down a little bit maybe.. maybe I should smoke a cigar before I do my
review cigar, that way my palate is cleansed. So a little bit of a tough draw, super I mean
I think that was just like the Sobremesa it was really soft and squishy down
here and then right at the band there’s a hard knot so I’m assuming like the
Sobremesa a few minutes in that’ll all loosen up and it’ll it’ll smoke… freely good cigar. Um I actually honestly, I
remember the Sobremesa being a little stronger than this so I don’t know maybe
I don’t have anything to worry about no just kidding. Hehehe. So.. alright cats and
kittens I’m gonna smoke this up, I got things to do so I’m gonna get back with
you in a little while and let you know what my thoughts of this cigar is or
were, was. Intended for the season smoker others may want to proceed with caution. yes I would agree with that
proceed with caution, um super strong cigar very rich, very full-bodied, after a few
minutes loosened right up so no no draw issues no other issues with that, um the
next time I smoke one and I will smoke another one I will not be distracted
polishing Cigar props kind of smoking it as go along sometimes I’ll get into it
and chilly night like tonight it went out a couple times so I’d work on it to
get it to get it re-lit I think the constant puffing and it it
hit me at one point you know a little bit of that fuzzy headed feeling and so
I just knew that I just had to take it easy you know smoke it gradually keep a
I just flicked the ash all over flicked, dropped the ash off of it, this cigar wanted
a little bit more ash to keep the temperature just right but after
after the one little bout of a little lightheadedness, I said I just I maintained
took my time and it turned out to be an absolutely
fantastic cigar. Um just never had any more problems with it just like I said it just
took my time with it…goddamn neighbors and it was just utterly smooth, zero throat burn,
no tongue bite, no no nothing just a good good you know and if you watch my other
videos you know I don’t say this a lot good heavy cigar not one I would
generally pair with corn dogs and onion rings but and like I said I’m not known
to to like full bodied thick cigars but man was this thing a treat so this is
definitely one that I’ll keep and keep in my mind because there are there are
times that that I want a good full bodied cigar to wind down the evening
like I said this isn’t one that that I’ll smoke again while doing something
else and not being able to pay attention to that but definitely a cigar that I
will add to my lineup so if you’re new to the the Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust you
know we did the Sobremesa fantastic cigar you can smoke it while doing
anything not paying attention to it not paying attention to your dog barking, what what
everything was all quiet around here five minutes ago so.. with the Todos las Días
the next one in line from him I got two more I can’t pronounce them so
definitely look them up you can find them online but always always always
check your local tobacconist and if you can’t find them locally hit up my guys Bill
and Lynne Davies.. my guy and gal. Bill and Lynne Davies at the Tobacco Locker these retail for $12.45 a piece I don’t know
what a box runs but they’re always comparable to everybody else online. Shop
with them you’ll be helping out a small mom and pop business not a large online
retailer that inundates you with catalogs every day. So all right Steve
Saka, following him on all the social medias. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust
definitely a fantastic cigar alright cats and kittens as always make
sure you give your cigars the props they deserve you