Tonino Lamborghini Les Mans Cigar Cutter

The Tonino Lamborghini Les Mans Cigar Cutter. This cutter comes in an attractive leather
carrying pouch, as you can see it has the Tonino logo on it. It is really nice with
some black leather with red accent trim. Inside you can see the Lamborghini logo at
the top, nice crushed velvet to protect your cutter. Take the cutter out.
This is a real heavy duty cutter, it has a really nice weight to it. Beautiful all metal
construction, with carbon fiber accented blades. You can see the Tonino Lamborghini signature
here and Lamborghini logo up top. This is a single action cutter. You push this little
button down here and the top is going to slide open. I will show you. You just put your cigar
in here and very easily cut. Super sharp double blades. This will cut up to about 60 gauge
cigar. I will show you one more time. This is the Tornino Lamborghini Les Mans Cigar