Top 10 Maduro Cigars: Nick Picks His Favorite Maduro Cigars

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for JRCIGARS.COM and today we’re talking about my Top 10 favorite maduros. So, we’re going to start off with one of my oldest favorites. This is the 858 Maduro from Arturo Fuente. Really well priced, super-smooth smoke with the Dominican tobacco in there. The dark, rich maduro wrapper. Very nutty, very chocolatey. This is a great morning cigar goes great with some coffee, or even in the cold weather nice cup of hot cocoa. So that’s the Fuente 858 maduro. Next up, also made by Fuente, this is the Ashton Aged Maduro. This… this cigar when it comes to like pairing with a beverage.This with like a cappuccino, you’re not going to find any more flavorful pairing, in terms of non liquor. The Ashton Aged Maduro uses, as it says, aged broadleaf maduro tobacco’s for the outer wrapper. Dominican filler, also a little sweetness to it, exceptionally smooth. Next up the ladder, this is a maduro that adds a little kick to it. This is the Perdomo Factory Tour. This is actually, this used to be just a cigar, that when you went on the tour of his factory you got as like a sample. Now he made it into a full production line. This cigar uses straight Nicaraguan tobacco, filler, binder, wrapper. Including a lovely Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. So it’s got those sweet, dark cocoa characteristics of a maduro, but it’s got a little zest in there as well which makes it a lovely medium, medium- full-body smoke with a lot of complexity to it. Next up is the exclusive cigar. This is the Headley Grange Black Dog. Made by Crowned Heads and E.P Carrillo, specifically for JRCIGARS.COM. Now again, similar to the Perdomo, what’s unique about this, it’s not just a broadleaf maduro wrapper. It’s actually a Connecticut Habano maduro wrapper. So its a Habano wrapper thats been, madurized, if you will. Its gone thru the process so it’s got again, those sweet, nutty, chocolaty characteristics but, because it’s a primarily Habano leaf, it’s going to have some zest, a little pepper to it. So again, another amazingly complex smoke from E.P Carrillo, one of the great masterminds of blending in the cigar industry. Moving on, my first cigar ever, this is the La Gloria Cubana Serie R, in the maduro. This is on everyone’s list of, not only one of the best maduros but, one of the best full bodied cigars of all time. The original was also crafted by E.P Carrillo now it’s being made by General Cigar. Super-strong, a lot of different tobaccos in there and then that luscious dark, that, that wrapper is like jet black and full of oils. Sometimes you actually got to let it sit a little bit to actually dry it out because it’s super oily. You might have a few lighting problem when you open a new box but, let it sit, let the wrapper dry out. You’re gonna get a full burst of pepper along with those dark chocolaty notes as well. Amazing, amazing smoke especially for the big ring gauge smoker this is one I would highly recommend for you. Moving on again, one more time. This is a classy, classy smoke and I remember when we first got these when I worked in one of our stores, they were impossible to keep in stock. One of the first cigars I started buying in boxes because they came in boxes of ten. This is the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Maduro. Thats a mouthful, but it’s also a mouthful of flavor. So uses Ligero tobacco in there so it is super strong, like, sit down when you’re smoking this. The maduro wrapper, again, like the La Gloria, super oily and shiny pristine looking. Hardly any flaws, burns perfectly. Another combination of rich leather, earthy notes, with a lot of pepper, but a smooth overall draw and aroma. And, you can do a cool thing you can actually just punch the, instead of cutting the Chisel, you could punch a hole straight through and get smoke out both sides. Its like a science project, with a delicious top-of-the-line smoke. The newest cigar to this list, the CroMagnon from RomaCraft. Now i’m also a fan of the Aquitaine, but the original CroMagnon, with that maduro leaf, really revs my engine. Skip and Mike, fantastic job with this cigar. Just absolutely fantastic i’m glad to see RomaCraft’s getting the recognition these days that they really deserve. This thing burns perfectly is super flavorful, rich, dark notes into it, again, like some leather, chocolate, but also with all that Nicaraguan tobacco in there, its got a little pepper and a little zest to it. So just a wonderful combination of flavors that make up this top-of-the-line; and I like the size. Look at that little size. Next on my list, The Liga Privada Number 9. Everyone knew this was going to make it. I mean come on, its, Liga Privada plowed the way for the new richer, intense, maduro wrapped smokes. From Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew and I believe, Steve Saka when he was there helped create this blend. If i’m not mistaken, I might be mistaken. Don’t fact check me, you don’t have to do that. An intense, intense smoke. A lot of different flavors going on. I love the Liga Privada for a lot of reasons but one of the cool things is when you like the cigar up, you know obviously the smoke is gonna come from the foot where you’re actually lighting it, but you’re actually going to see smoke start to come off the wrapper from the oils burning off because it’s so oily, and so rich, and so flavorful. One of the best cigars ever created and I don’t think I’m alone in that thinking. I really don’t. One of the best cigars ever created. And, its got a maduro wrapper. Getting close to the end now. I got two left. Both from the same company, don’t get mad, when you see what they are, you’re going to know. The 1926 maduro. When i smoked this for the first time a few years ago, I literally said like I don’t think I’ll ever find a cigar as good. Ever again, Now course I found cigars that are, in my mind equal to it, but that was the first cigar that I was ever like, “Wow, this is just beyond amazing”. Crazy smooth like you don’t even know you’re smoking a full-body smoke but it is. Burns perfectly even in the box press. Perfectly even all the way down. Creamy, leathery, chocolatey, hints of nuts and like a sweet coffee tastes but still a bold smoke. It’s got some strength to it as well. But anyone who knows cigars knows that the 1926 from Padron is one of the top, it on the Mount Rushmore it really is. Its up there with the La Gloria as i said before. With Davidoff. Its up there on the wall of greatest cigars, Opus X. Padron 1926 that’s like my Abraham Lincoln if there was like a ranking of Presidents, plus cigars Abe. And finally, this cigar from the same company but, little different. This is the Family Reserve, this is the 50th Anniversary from Padron in the maduro wrapper. Now everyone knows maduros usually, no, I’m sorry Padrons usually come in just a natural, and a maduro. The natural is usually a sungrown wrapper and then you have your maduros. Always Nicaraguan tobacco. This was named cigar of the year it was so good. I didn’t think that Padron could really up their game on maduros. I really thought they have done it already. What else could they do? And then they surprised me with this one. Everything about a 1926 but it was just tuned up a little bit. It was just like a little sweeter, a tiny bit smoother, a little richer, I got a little more complexity. Just a tad, but enough to make it different than the 26. Which I liked. And obviously other people liked it too thats why it was ranked the number-one cigar of the year when it came out. So guys, don’t go all getting you underwear in a twist. This is just my opinion of my top favorite maduro cigars. I would love for you to leave comments on what some of your favorite maduros are. In my mind maduro is the number one leaf because of its complexity, because of the many uses it has, and from all the different kinds of leaf you can make a maduro with. So please leave your comments on the bottom and thank you for watching.