Top 5 Cigar Cutters: Xikar and Colibri Go Head to Head

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here from JRCIGARS.COM and today we’re talking top five favorite cutters. So, there’s gonna be a lot of heat with this one because everyone has the cutter that they like to use. Listen there’s great two-dollar plastic cutters out there for you to use. These are the top five that I prefer to use on my various smokes for various reasons and although there’s a lot of great companies. There’s Cigar Savor, there’s Vertigo. I narrowed it down to two and the two big dogs, it’s the two you know about. It’s mostly going to be Xikar and Colibri. So starting up with my newest cutter, a lot of you have seen this on the internet recently. This is the Xikar XO, awesome. First of all, just basic it cuts beautifully. Straight, true, no excess tobacco stuff coming out, jus a nice clean cut. A little on the expensive side, but hey it’s totally worth it. You can see the gears in here. It’s an awesome design. Look, pops right open closes really easy. Easy to put, you just put it in your pocket ’cause its got that nice round shape to it. Really awesome, cool cutter. Coming up next this is an awesome cutter from Colibri. This is the S cutter. Great for this straight, simple cut all the way through. Kind of has a cool switchblade feel to it just like that. Not that expensive at all, fits easily in your pocket. It’s rubberized so it’s not going to slip or anything like that. Self sharpening. This is a cool color it’s called like a rose, like a rose color, but i think it looks more like a really awesome copper. It has all the basics. Cuts well, fits in your pocket well and it’s not that expensive. And it’s Colibri so it’s the highest quality. So coming up another great one from Xikar. This is the XI1. I call it my lancero cutter I had actually bought this cutter when I was smoking a lot of lancero’s and it just so it just happened I was cutting them all with this and it just cuts a lancero really nice. I mean it’s a great cutter all around You might recognize that has that teardrop design that Xikar is famous for but unlike your normal average everyday Xikar, this is actually all metal.You can see the rivets in here. I went with like this basic just silver but it comes in a lot of different colors. Tad more expensive than your normal Xikar teardrop cutter but again totally worth it this steel design makes it nice and hearty. Also super slim… It can go anywhere. You put in your hat if you want. Another great pick from the good folks over at Xikar. Now, as many of you know i’m a big V cutter, and this is a tough choice because i use.I alternate between two V cuts. I went with the Colibri v-cut, because this is the one I use most often. The big difference between this V cut and the Xikar V cut is this one’s going to be a little deeper. This deeper V cut is going to give it a much better notch and you’re gonna get a much better draw off it. So that’s why this is usually the V cut I go with, is Colibri V cut. And lastly I was not going to leave a punch, of course, for my bigger ring gauge cigars or something that I really just feel like a nice narrow draw. The Xikar keychain punch. Self-cleaning all-metal design, that’s right on your keys. Give it a twist… Look at that bad boy. Comes right out. and then so, then you punch it’s. Its got all the guck in here. Then you just close it up, everything falls out. And talk about easy-to-carry. Fits right on your keys you’ll never forget it. You’ll have it with you as long as you’re driving, or have to go home, and unlock a door. So those are my top 5 cutters here at JRCIGARS.COM All of them are available for purchase. We’re gonna have some nice links that you can click on, you can pick one out. Why don’t you tell me what are some of your favorite cutters? And you can put it in the comments right below. Thank you.