Top 5 Super Premium Cigars: Cigars For The Ballers!

Hello my friends Nick Libretti here again for JRCIGARS.COM and today we’re doing my Top Five Super Premium Cigars. What is a super premium cigar? Aren’t all hand-rolled cigars premium? Yes, that’s considered a premium smoke but some of them go above and beyond in terms of their quality, in terms of the blends, the tobacco used. Some of them have a little more a little more…umph A little more puhh… A little more mmmm. If you will. Think of it, your, regular premium cigar not regular but your premium cigar as your BMW or you’re really nice Nissan or a Jeep Renegade. The super premiums are your Bentley’s your Ferraris your McLaren’s your Lamborghinis etc etc. So these are my top five choices. Now this is a personal preference there are many many more premium, super premium cigars that I enjoy but these are my top five super premiums. We’re going to start out with the La Aurora Preferido. This is the Ruby out of that series. A Ruby is a fine gem and this is a fine cigar. Uses a maduro leaf Connecticut broadleaf which is that’s why you know I like it. If you’ve ever seen the Preferido series out in a store you know there’s something about them. They’re very eye-catching and then the blend is just super creamy, rich, just delicious. The tobacco’s are aged for a very long time so it’s, the aroma is exceptionally smooth. And they’re harder to find and they’re at that higher price point but all these cigars are going to be at the higher price point not going to complain that your Lamborghini Gallardo is too much money. It’s, that’s the money for what the quality you’re getting and I totally agree with that for the La Aurora Preferido. Now this is where I’m going to start a little controversy. I am the biggest fan of Opus X you will ever ever find in the history of life. I smoked every kind of, almost every kind of variation of the Opus X out there. That’s usually why I spent most of my money on are Opus. I tend to like the Lost City a little better than the original. I love a nice peppery smoke but something about the richness of the Lost City, and like that nutty flavor I get from it, it’s just fantastic. So the Lost City and the rarity adds a kind of emotional factor as well. Which it shouldn’t but sometimes it does. Something that maybe is harder to find or you have fewer of there’s more of an emotional attachment when you smoke it. A lot of smokers would agree with that. So the Lost City is definitely up there my favorite super premium smokes. This I feel like I mean the Ashton Symmetry has all, is all the rave now, and it is it is a phenomenal smoke again one of my top favorite smokes of all time, but for like a really classy experience I prefer the ESG. I’m not going to say it’s better in this way or that way. There’s just something about it. Maybe it burns a little better that the flavors are a little more pronounced but they’re not as aggressive. I don’t know I just feel like it’s maybe slightly more well-balanced the ESG is my definition of a classy smooth high-end Dominican smoke. Alright so, where we going now we’re going to go over to Merry O’ London Town and we’re going to enjoy the Davidoff Winston Churchill. Now all Davidoffs are in this category. Every Davidoff ever made is in that super premium category. But there seems to be a great division in Davidoff I mean I, I enjoy all of them. I find a lot of the originals like the Mille Series, The Aniversario to be a little too mellow for my taste. And then the more modern ones the Nicaragua or the Yamasa, are a little too aggressive in my personal; I mean they’re amazing smokes, I smoke them all the time but they’re a little spicy a little more peppery than I normally would like. The Winston Churchill is the well-balanced creamy yet rich and nutty medium to full-bodied smoke, that I prefer. I mean I would smoke this cigar every day if i had the money that the Churchill family probably has from all his speeches and i think he sold Derby hats when he retired. But anyway the Winston Churchill the epitome of class. Lastly you knew this was going to be on here. Maybe has a specific one, but you knew I cannot do a super premium line up without Padron. Now this was a tough one because the 64, the 26, all the Family Reserve Series. It was really tough to lay down which Padron I thought was my favorite for a super-premium thing and this came close. I took this one over the 90th because the 50th year, I mean its had a little more time to prove itself. I’ve only had one of the 90th and it was really amazing, but i think what really classifies a cigar as an amazing smoke, is consistency. So I’ve had cigars that the first one was the best thing I ever smoked and then I had three more and each one of those three were like average.So I want to give the 90th, I’m going to smoke a few more before make a definitive comment on it but I will say that the 50-year here has proven to be an outstanding unbelievable top cigar every time Ive lit one up. I’ve never had a burn issue, I’ve never had it crack and never had a stem in there. The flavors are always well balanced in it. This in my mind as of now until I smoked more than 90th this is the best cigar Padron ever made and one of the finest cigars ever made in history. So I wanted to do a list like this to kind of give you my backing, that these cigars, even with their higher price tags, are in my opinion definitely one hundred percent worth it. So do me a favor tell me what are your favorite like super premium cigars everyone’s definition of this is probably going to vary. In my mind if you had to put a price tag on it fifteen to twenty dollars and above. That’s what I would say. That, that range is what I would probably consider, I mean there are cigars that are priced that way that are not worth it but in my mind 15 to 20 and above is super premium. So comment below tell me what are your favorites. Tell me if you agree with my choices. Tell me what kind of shoes you want for Christmas. Thanks for watching.