Totally Obsessed: Ninja Turtle Girl

Hello everybody, I’m CinnamonToastKen joined by the BuffPro and I for one, am a huge fan and long time lover of Ninja Turtles Got Ninja Turtles growing up? Absolutely Heck yeah, love Ninja Turtles. I got I almost got a Ninja Turtle tattoo But uh, I didn’t get it the art.. the artist talked me out of it But I have nothing at all on this girl. Mary sent me a video because I loved Ninja turtles so much She’s like you think you like him Look at this girl Let me show you This next story takes us to Ferndale, Michigan the jell-o salad capital of the Midwest Hear that music playing in the background? Yeah, dude is so hot And this dude here is like Walmart Hawaiian shirt 26 year-old Michelle Ivy is convinced she’s a ninja turtle Oh Look out Hang on a minute first off that dude with those moves And then we come into this this girl’s got a freakin amazing ninja turtle helmet on I’m kind of jealous and she’s throwing the moves down. That’s Michelangelo I was gonna I was wondering what her favorite turtle would be We know 26 year-old Michelle Ivy has dedicated her life to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Paused it right there so she’s dedicated the last fourteen years of her life have been dedicated They say to be a Ninja Turtle? …to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Yeah, so she’s not that she wants to become one She’s dedicated her life to them like oh my gosh run and pray into it. Yeah, which is okay. I understand. That’s fine, that’s fine As long as As long as, Leonardo’s, you know, the one on the front Raphael Cowabunga Cowabunga Shell kickin’ time Yeah, that’s a pretty impressive costume though Really, yeah, that’s pretty nice, gotta hit that flip and everything on there that was impressive She grew out of the Care Bears the show, the show’s so hip yeah They even have the “Y” like, all crooked in his name. Whoa, right This show is tryin’ real hard They did Who’s got this hamster back here they’re just drinking this water and this picture of a dude drinking water oh stay hydrated And he’s like mid-twenties maybe early 30s got his hat turned backwards Yeah, so he can look more young and hip Yeah cowabunga These here are my heads That looks really good Did you see how excited she was about it These are my heads Michelangelo from Turtle Street like when he goes “Wait, really, I”m just a beautiful princess in disguise” Was that like from the movie or if that’s the actual one, how much did she pay for that and who actually enjoyed the third movie Oh my god, are you serious? Everyone knows you’re cuttin’ off at Bebop and Rocksteady, hey Everybody knows that she takes out bank loans to feed her ninja turtle obsession. Oh Well as an adult now that really hurts me that being said yeah, me too And get a bank loan to buy these What and you also writ property? I feel like Leonardo is making the same face I’m making right now This had cost me $2000 That’s that’s my face right now like oh, oh Now I I gotta admit that is a cool head but oh $2,000 you can get some better head than that I promise, for $2000 The one thing I like now is that she has her own job She’s making her own money and she can waste her own money on this stuff Pardon my wife I don’t buy her the stuff anymore I paid $1800 for Leonardo You know, he is a lil bit worth more than Michaelangelo Oh yeah? Yeah You think so? At least $2200 Hmm, how much is Donatello Ah, he’s $1500 Nobody likes Donatello I could see someone in that chair right now Donatello was my favorite actually You’re a nerd, sorry. She’s willing to put herself in the debt, in order to say I have the head of Leonardo He’s got a collection of like dead bodies in the backyard He’s got somethin’ going on Probably collection of heads in his refrigerator Like, that’s what he says every night Ah ha I have the head of Julia from high school who made fun of me That’s holes in the couch? Is that just like burnt remains of his victims Not sure Flesh stitched couch Oh yeah, there it is Okay She’s got this pizza and she’s done, She’s done slap some mayonnaise all over it Yeah she did It..just put.. why don’t you put pineapple instead ain’t that weird enough That guy should pick it off and enjoy this God dang We’ll teach us some moves that my master Splinter has taught me to protect myself from people I can I can actually really like the shirt, he’s got he’s got that yeah people that were these shirts back in the day I mean it was like frickin glowing NERD you knew, you knew You, if you had, the ones with the dragons on them. Oh those, yeah NERD Super nerd What store do I get those from back then? So mad when I was, Man, I never, I never had all those shirts. I remember I want one. I wanted one real bad. My mom was like NO by mom who gave me a bowl cut when I was a kid, would not let me get one of these shirts I just love those shirts Some people keep pets I have a little sister She even spent $5,000 on karate lessons becoming a blue belt which is $5,000 on karate lessons, and she’s only a blue belt? You could buy a black belt for less than that I’m just , I’m just sayin’ I mean Michelangelo is at least orange So she can fight like a ninja turtle Is that a slap move he’s doing on her? That was, that was almost like a ultra, right there That’s true It’s like he Hey, you lost your thingy Just put me Yeah Got her Turn him down Turtle Dan Hey, oh my god Shredder Oh Is he shredder? Oh my god. Oh my, and the hamster in the background, the Splinter He’s captured Splinter! Oh no! It’s all come together now you gotta save him Okay that hurt that hurt She’s taking it easy on him because he’s just a civilian honest She’s not a ninja turtle except she doesn’t know he’s Shredder yet She figures it out I have the head of SPLINTER When the turtles entered my life they taught me to be self-aware Oh Irony in that statement all should be self-aware, did they? Mm-hmm done check They taught me, to never hide behind any wall of who you really are Did they? Check Two for two yeah yeah But to live your life as you want to Hmm, that’s okay, live your life as you want to You want to be a drug dealer? It’s fine, cool. You want to be a ninja turtle? No, no big deal I don’t know Must have been like, you know, $10,000 on right lessons and two Ninja Turtle heads I’m That’s on you. You wanna put mayonnaise on your pizza? NO stop that right now that’s crazy what’s wrong with you that’s crazy Shredder, come get her Try some cheese on there Michelangelo goes, follow your heart guys, follow your heart and then he breaks into the song called follow your heart. There’s no way he’ll get inside of our hearts Just remember that we’re still here The time has come to change it all to wash away your fear We only have to stick together The good times are so near You can’t quit! The video’s not over yet I wonder if she looks back at this video and goes whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why did I sign that waiver to let them put this on TV follow your heart follow your heart Hey Curtis had to come back to come back to Oh, homie. He loved that song too! follow on Twitch~ follow his Twitch~ Like, favorite and subscribe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.