UKNOWN Cigar Shaped Objects Filmed WORLDWIDE! UFOs & Evidence Humans Are NOT From Earth! 2/12/2018

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usual I have a few incredible UFO sightings to share with you guys and
then after that we will examine some new evidence that may prove that humans do
not originate from Earth but more on that later for now
let’s get into these UFO sightings. This first sighting was originally shared by
our friends over at The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and it is seriously
strange go check out his channel he makes some awesome content and the link
to his channel and original video will be down in the video description as well go
check him out I’ll go ahead and play you guys the clip and we will go over
together afterwards alright here it is so this footage comes to us from Paju
South Korea and was captured on January 24th of 2018 The source is named Ji-hoon
and he said that he captured this unusual looking object while he was
relaxing outside of his home in Paju South Korea I am fairly certain that
this object is not a plane I have a few reasons as to why I think this the first
one being that it appears to not have any wings or stabilizers the object is
pixelated as is the rest of the footage however after having examined it for a
couple of hours I’m fairly certain that this is no airplane whatever it is it
seems to be flying rather low and it’s quite obviously a large flying object it
looks to be a cigar shaped UFO to me but I could be wrong and maybe it is
something mundane if you guys can explain it away then please do so down
in the comments as it stands I don’t know what this object is I won’t say
that it’s alien because I’ve not seen it perform any maneuvers or have any
unusual characteristics that would suggest it to be and it is because of
this that I want to know what you guys think this thing is it is definitely
strange and it sort of reminds me of some of the disappearing or
shape-shifting planes people have been seeing and recording all over the world
I won’t say that this is what the object is but I did make the comparison to see
if they shared any characteristics so far the shape colour and speed of the
craft are the only similarities that I’ve seen between them. It is entirely
possible that this thing could very well be ET, government, or a shape-shifting
aircraft of some kind from an unknown source but I’m not going to say that
that’s what this is I am just saying that the option is still a possibility
and that you guys should form your own theories on what you think this thing is
and let me know a lot of you guys do an awesome job backing your theories up and
making some very solid points as to why you think your theories are correct and
I love it it definitely helps us out tremendously alright so next I have a
piece of footage that was originally posted by UFO MAN and it is what appears
to be two cigar-shaped UFOs over Chile I prepared to share this footage in this
video days in advance then something strange happened with UFO MAN’s original
video which has me praying that it doesn’t happen with this one the
original video was randomly deleted by YouTube and we have no idea why along
with a couple of other videos of his we think YouTube may be trying to censor
him and I am hoping that they did not attempt to do the same to me anyway this
footage was caught on February 2nd of 2017 and it is definitely strange I’ll
go ahead and play you guys the original footage and then a stabilized version
and we could talk more right afterwards all right here it is
Oh Jo gido poquito alright now here’s the stabilized
version of the footage no no yeah guys I really have no idea
what they filmed in this footage the pixelation leads me to believe that
there is no way that this was CGI and these crafts appear to have no form of
propulsion system propellers wings or anything used on normal aircraft it is
definitely strange I doubt that these things are military either I know there
was some misleading information put out about these sorts of crafts being the
result of the u.s. army making them and calling them sky dreadnoughts but i have
not seen any real evidence that supports this claim i’m not saying that it isn’t
possible these belong to one of the major governments specifically the u.s.
however i have seen no real evidence that supports that theory this video
also makes me wonder why the US would be deploying them over chile of all places
if they actually were one of ours i won’t say that it isn’t and it’s
possible but in my opinion it is highly unlikely i’ll let you guys decide for
yourselves though and let me know what you guys think about these two ufos down
in the comments and feel free to send us an email if you have more information or
if you have footage of craft that are similar to these or even maybe the same
craft i think there is a good chance that these are genuine ET crafts and
they correlate with a lot of the existing UFO evidence regarding these
sightings alright next we have a UFO sighting that I personally filmed myself
a few days ago on February 5th of 2018 we were driving near Boonesboro Maryland
when we first spotted this light up in the sky I was driving when we first saw
it and I immediately thought it looks strange because there were airplanes
flying by and this thing was just as high up far brighter far larger and had
flashing lights at the time it also hovered in one spot stationary for a
good 20 minutes and then moved to a completely different location on the
other side of the mountain and then it moved back again to where it originally
was before when we first saw it this was after we had already turned
around once to try to find a place to film it I saw this thing again and this
time we had driven too far to the point where we can no longer get a good shot
of it so we turned around and went back essentially repeating the process that
we had just completed and it moved over the mountain each time at about a
distance of five miles and by the time that we got back it was hovering in one
spot again only this time closer to Sharpsburg we attempted the film it but
we were unable to do so so we ended up turning around one last time to try to
find a place to pull over however when we came back the object was no longer
hovering in the same spot and we thought that we had lost it we ended up driving
back the way we originally were going and when we got back over the mountain
the object was hovering back where it was when we first saw it we were on a
smaller back road so there wasn’t much room to pull over but we did pull over
as far as we could although we were still in the middle of the road by this
time the object started flashing random colors and it was sitting in one spot
not moving we ended up sitting there for about a minute and managed to film it
and we had moved on and had to start driving again because a car came up
behind us and we couldn’t continue blocking the road and once we started
moving on we lost track of the object alright so I’ll go ahead and play you
guys the footage and then I’ll play the stabilized version that we made and we
will examine them together afterwards alright here it is you guys can see that
trying give an idea where we’re at kind of know the road and kind of
driving but this thing has been hovering there for like forever it’s flashing
random colors we don’t know what it is they’re coming cool I’m sorry I lost focus on it for a
second but this thing is just hovering there man it’s like it’s pretty high up
– it’s like some lights going off what the is that thing and now it’s
flashing like random colors I’m sorry flashing there’s like shinning
for the camera I’m trying to give you idea of where we’re at this
is a all right yeah all right now check out
the stabilized version of this footage you guys could see that trying to give you an idea of
where we’re at kind of in the middle of the road and kind of
driving but this thing has been hovering there for like forever it’s flashing
random colors we don’t know what it is they’re comin okay good
I’m sorry I lost focus on it for a second but this thing I just hover in
there man it’s like it’s pretty high out – it’s like there’s some lights coming
on fish what something and that’s flashing like
random colors it’s not like flashing they’re just like showing from the
camera anyway try to give you an idea of where we’re at this is that this footage
was shot at around 6:30 p.m. and unfortunately it was starting to get
dark and all I had was my phone which doesn’t really have the greatest camera
but of course it was all I had so I filmed it with it because there is no
way that I would not attempt to at least get some footage of a sighting like this
also this object was huge even from far away this object looked huge it was
easily distinguishable from an airplane as we had seen a few airplanes fly over
us although we did not capture them in the video we had only focused on the UFO
this is one of the weirdest UFO sightings that I have ever experienced
it was like I was trying to avoid letting us film it and it would hover in
the air for extended periods of time and then traveled back and forth at least
five or more miles at a speed fast enough for it to disappear the second
that we looked away I honestly have no idea what this craft could be there is
no way that this could have been a plane a drone a helicopter or anything like
that this thing was certainly a craft of some kind however and what it is and
what its purpose is are two questions that I need answers to give me your
thoughts and opinions on what you think this thing was and please back it up
with some very solid reasoning as to why you chose your theory also I don’t
believe that this is anything military either the closest Air Force Base is in
Martinsburg West Virginia about an hour away from where we were there is another
military base about 40 minutes away from the spot in Frederick Maryland called
Fort Detrick however this is a United States Army Medical Command installation
and not an Air Force installation so there are no planes or secret aircraft
being tested there and it’s highly unlikely that this thing is military
whatever it is I think we’re very lucky to have caught it on film if any of you
guys are in the area and saw the same craft or if you have your own footage of
something similar then send it over to us in an email and we will continue
trying to figure out what this thing is I think it’s possible that this was an
extraterrestrial craft I won’t say 100% that that’s what this craft is but my
personal opinion is leaning towards it being ET alright so next I have one last
UFO sighting to share with you guys and this was also posted originally by our
friends over at the hidden underbelly 2.0 and of course the original video
link will be down in the video description remember to check him out
when you guys get a chance anyway this sighting was filmed above the sea of
villefranche-sur-mer on November 30th the 2017 this footage is
definitely strange to say the least so I’ll go ahead and play it for you guys
and we’ll talk about it afterwards all right here it is so while the source was on holiday with
his family he managed to capture this amazing event on video as it unfolded on
an evening walk along the beach he and the family noticed a brightly lit object
above the sea of Villefranche-sur-mer for about five minutes before grabbing his
camera to bear witness to what had happened the objects began to multiply
move through the air intelligently and then descend straight down into the
water this is what he and his family among other people on the beach that day
saw and to be honest this footage has let me nearly speechless notice how in
this footage the outside of the lights in the air we see no vessels and no
normal looking or behaving aircraft the color of these lights and their behavior
makes me believe that there is no way that this was flares and if it were
something like say a drone then they certainly wouldn’t have been descending
down into the water one after another like they are in this footage it has
been theorized for a long time that if extraterrestrials did want to create a
base on earth and monitor humanity then the ocean be the best place to do it
we’ve only explored 5% of our world’s oceans and honestly we really don’t know
what’s down there and it’s quite possible that there is alien bases set
up underwater and we have no clue this brings me back to a couple of weeks ago
when we shared a video of a Coast Guard search and rescue boat that had picked
up some fishermen that had their boat fail on them and while speeding back to
shore they were tailed by 13 different unknown objects this makes me think that
maybe this has something to do with it whoever is piloting these crafts and
occupying these underwater bases seems to be treating passing boats as more of
a threat than before and are doing what appears to be reconnaissance work and
monitoring the vessels that passed over their installations now I’m not saying
that I know that theory to be a fact however the evidence does seem to be
leaning heavily towards it now I’m not trying to tell you guys that this is a
factor that you should believe in it because I’m not trying to tell you guys
how you should think. You should accept these theories that you feel are
credible and don’t let me or anybody else tell you what you should believe in
they’re only my thoughts and opinions based on the evidence that we have seen
and presented on this channel and I am only making that information available
to you so that you can have as much info as possible and come up with their own
theories and explanations I don’t want to tell you guys how you should think or
feel being a free thinker is the only way to handle this topic successfully
obviously this phenomenon exists but we will never find answers if we only
listen to one train of thought all right finally I have a news topic to share
with you guys today some of you guys may have heard of the
theory of Dr.Ellis Silver PhD. who came up with the idea that humans
are not originally from Earth based off of his research where he has been
looking into the human race and its physiology and comparing it to other
species on the planet Dr.Ellis believes that there are many differences between
us and other species on earth that point to the fact that we’re not actually from
here and we’re from somewhere else in the universe and his book aptly titled
humans are not from Earth Dr.Ellis Silver highlights the fact that as a
species we are particularly sensitive to sunlight something that other species
seem to be immune to Dr.silver also believes that humans suffer from a wider
array of diseases and ailments than other animals and we do which according
to Dr.Silver is another reason to believe that we are from a less sunny
planet where there is not as much UV radiation Dr.Silver said that we are
all chronically ill, indeed, if you could find a single person who is 100% fit and
healthy and not suffering perhaps from some hidden or unstated condition or
disorder I would be extremely surprised I’ve not been able to find anyone Dr.Silver also points to the fact that humans regularly suffer from bad backs
which he says is due to the fact that we likely originally evolved on a planet
with much lower gravity Dr.Silver offers many theories as to why humans
were brought here but he believes that the most likely is that Earth is acting
as a prison planet which would explain our violent nature as a species he says
that earth approximately meets our needs as a species but perhaps not as strongly
as whoever brought us here initially thought now there may be even more
evidence to suggest that humans didn’t originate from Earth as India’s blood
rain could confirm that aliens have indeed visited earth a two-month period
of heavy rainfall from the early 2000s could be strong evidence that alien life
has visited earth from other worlds between July 25th and September 23rd and
2001 corrala a state in India was subjected to an odd red color rain which
had not been seen before scientist Godfrey Lewis a physicist
based in Kerala analyzed the red rain drops expecting to find that they
contained dust particles that would explain the bizarre coloring however
this was not what he found dr. Lewis said in an episode of the Unexplained
Files on the Science Channel dust particles do not have this irregular
shape they are not transparent like this the scientist believes that following
his analysis of the rain under the microscope the particles in the droplets
seen is that they were alive with some of the characteristics similar to those
of blood cells on closer inspection he confirmed that they were not blood cells
but something similar which had not been seen before The
official explanation given was that a meteor had exploded over the area of
Kerala which resulted in the particles becoming merged with the rain this would
suggest that there was life on the meteor which did not originate from
earth dr.louis backed up his theory when he
subjected some of the cells found in the rain to temperatures exceeding 572
degrees Fahrenheit where the cells were still able to replicate the scientists
also stated that it was growing at temperatures that would kill other
life-forms british-based astrobiologists Chandra Wickramasinghe added then not
only is the alien rain theory plausible but is extremely likely so yeah guys the
evidence seems to be suggesting that humans did not originate from Earth the
answer to how human life in the earth got started may actually be explained by
us originating from elsewhere let me know what you guys think of this down in
the comments it is definitely some crazy mind-blowing stuff and suggest that life
definitely exists somewhere else and we likely are living on what could be a
prison planet this is some crazy stuff that’s for sure anyway that’s all I have
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