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BBQ food for you today show on everyone meatheads recipe for the ultimate smoked turkey from amazing ribs calm mix equal parts of meatheads Simon & Garfunkel rub with vegetable oil or olive oil and let it sit for a couple hours before applying it to the turkey here’s all the ingredients you’re going to need to get your gravy prepped the turkey we’re going to be cooking today is a fresh 11 pound may believe Prime young turkey let’s get it on packaged first thing get rid of this pop-up temperature gauge they don’t work throw it in the garbage take a good sharp knife and cut these wingtips off and toss them into the gravy mix take the turkey neck and heart and put it in for your gravy go in with a sharp knife and remove any excess skin round neck here to take this skin off looking good start at the neck of the turkey and just get your finger in behind this small membrane to loosen up the skin what we’re going to be doing is adding our herbs and spices underneath the skin so just take your time work your way around and loosen it up take the turkey with the loosened skin and just add your rub underneath the skin and then you can just push it down then take the rest and give it a good coating on the outside and just rub it in all over get in all the nooks and crannies now we’re going to inject the turkey with some warm butter to add some aromatic flavors to the cavity of the bird what we’re going to be using is one orange peel some thyme sage garlic and an onion cut into quarters this thing is our 22 and a half inch weber kettle with Kingsford original Burkett’s set up your grill for indirect cooking get the heat up to 325 degrees then we’ll go get that bird on keep track of the grilled temperature and the internal temperature of the turkey what we’re going to be using is a maverick ready check run the wires through the bottom of your grill and then place the probe inside the turkey and one on the grill just before you put the turkey on take some tin foil wrap up the wings and the bottom of the drumstick once you’ve got your grill fired up add your gravy pan and just add the rest of the water just got the turkey on insert your temperature probe in the deepest part of the breast without touching the bone we’re going to add a few little pieces of apple wood just a quick tip you want the vent over top of the turkey or any meat you’re cooking so the heat and smoke gets all around it making it delicious Turkey’s been cooking for around an hour now smells great now we’re gonna take a quick peek whoa looking good now just take the tin foil off the wings and the drumsticks just before you take the turkey off tilt it up and drain those juices into the gravy pan now it’s time to carve what we’re going to be using is just a rapala fishing knife start with the drumsticks then cut into the thigh next go in and take the wings off now for the breast meat what we’re going to do is take it off the bone and then slice it against the grain it’s going to make it so delicious once you have the breast meat off go ahead and thinly slice it against the grain this is going to make the turkey even more delicious and you can see it’s just falling apart mmm to find this recipe and so much more great info go to amazing ribs calm it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try