Undercrown – Corona Cigar Product Review

(acoustic guitar theme music) – Hi, it’s Jeff from Corona Cigar, and today we’re doing a video review on Undercrown by Drew Estate. Now, Undercrown is a traditional cigar. Meaning non-flavor, non-infused by the famous Drew Estate’s Cigar Company. So the Undercrown uses a Mexican
San Andreas Maduro wrapper. It’s beautiful; it’s dark; it’s oily. One of the things about
Undercrown too, you notice. They really smoke a lot. Definitely full-flavored. I’d say about a five on the strength. And the quality is always
really, really good. So the Undercrown, if you’re looking for
something medium priced, you known it’s not quite
as expensive as Liga. Great everyday. Sophisticated flavor smoke. A lot of earth and a little bit spice. Undercrown; good choice. (acoustical guitar theme music)