Using a Nebulizer

So Mariah is having asthma problems today
and we need to give her a breathing treatment with the nebulizer. I’m going to show you
how to use it so you can give her these treatments at home. The way we use the tube — the nebulizer
— the tubing hooks up to the nebulizer here and to the bottom of the reservoir. This is
where the medicine sits. And to load the medicine — the medicine usually comes in a preloaded
ampoule — we just twist the ampoule open and dump all the medication into the reservoir,
close it back up and then we turn the machine on and she puts it in her mouth, and then
she’s just going to breathe in and out regularly, not deeply, not fast, for five to ten minutes
until the medication is all gone and then she’ll be finished with the treatment. Now,
she does great, but for the younger kids — you can let go, Mariah — for the younger
kids who can’t use the mouthpiece, we use it with the mask and same thing; you just
turn the machine on, hold the mask over her face for five or ten minutes. She’s just going
to breathe in and out normally and when the treatment’s done, she’s all done. You just
turn it off.