USS Boatswain Exposed to Asbestos on Navy Ship

I was boats mate and we had you know, a
restart, we had to take the paint off. Grant it off all the way down, we had
no mask, no nothing back then and then you had to put red lead on it then
you put a little lead paint back over it. We had pipes down in the ballroom
and stuff like, we had to take the asbestos off, we had no breathing
apparatures, nothing like that and then we had to paint the pipes and then
put the asbestos back on it again. My breathing needed a damp, cuz I’m
on a breather every once a while and I got COPD VA is already said that,
COPD and my regular primary physician said I had COPD and then I went back and
give my doc captain in the VA hospital some X-rays, I had taken 50 years ago and he
said “my God man” and then I had cancer seven years ago, they operated on me for
cancer and they took 3 biopsies off my lung, three got on my liver and three on
my intestines, 186 down 110 pounds.