Vascular Surgeon W. Darrin Clouse, MD

My name is Darrin Clouse, and I’m the division
chief of vascular and endovascular surgery at the University of Virginia. The practice of vascular and endovascular
surgery involves open surgery and catheter-based procedures, and treatment for arterial and
venous disease. Things that have really shaped my career were
my 20 years in the United States Air Force. I did some of my training in surgery in the
Air Force, and then I had the opportunity to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. I really enjoy the way that vascular and endovascular
surgery, you have longitudinal care and a relationship with patients. Many surgeons don’t have that opportunity. They perform a surgery, and once the surgery
is done, the patient is healed, that particular episode of care or that particular problem
for the patient is done. For us, we do some kind of reconstruction
on arteries or veins on blood vessels, and then we get to see patients again periodically. The reason I think patients should come to
UVA is the reason I came to UVA; to practice, and that’s because I believe that the breadth
and depth of anything going on in medicine is done here. I think that people approach medicine here
on a people first, patient first mentality. I strive every day to make sure that the patient
experience is both appropriate for their disease process, but also is one that they feel like
they are involved in, that they guide, and they are part of.