Vegueros Tapados Cuban Cigar Unboxing Vegueros Tapados Cuban Cigar Review

So what we have here is the Vegueros Tapados This cigar is 46 x 120 or 4.7 inches long The Tapados along with the Entretiempos and the Mananitas were all released in 2013 after the
entire brand was discontinued in 2012 originally the brand was established in
1997 with four different vitolas and they were all extremely light and
nuanced there wasn’t a really big following of this brand as far as I can
tell hence the discontinuation and re-release in 2013 to this point all the
old older vegueros that I have smoked have been extremely light and nuanced there’s
nothing wrong with the lightning-rod smoke and I do find them to be enjoyable
but that type of cigar doesn’t appeal to the broader user in my opinion as for
present day I must say that in my opinion the brand has picked up some
strength and much more body to it after the re-release in 2013 but of course
that’s just my opinion as far as flavour goes there seems to be
more of it and it comes right out and carries on till the end of the cigar All of these vitolas are extremely short so there’s not much there but they seem to
make up for it in body and character I’m hoping that they produce either some
regionals or new vitolas that are somewhat longer in size so I can enjoy
them for a longer time rather than usual 45 to 60 minutes so real quickly just to
you know get everything consistent here with the you could see the date and the
factory code there from 2017 these cigars are about nine months old and yes
there was a very heavy manure smell coming off of these cigars so let’s get
a little bit closer to the cigar now I really appreciate the simplicity here
just wrapped in cello with a cardboard band around the cigars and there you go
the cigars are there sixteen in here and I like how they have that metal tin with
all of this in here and it seems like that metal tin holds in quite a bit
because that manure smell that really heavy heavy manure smell was quite
prevalent when opening up these cigars so finally we’re here to the cigar
it’s got a nice Colorado wrapper some seams some lumps and whatever so on and
so forth but as you always as I always say I’m not concerned about the way that
cigar looks and just about how the cigar tastes but this one might be a little
bit rougher seeing as how it’s so fresh so let’s get into this cigar and smoke it okay so we’re back here with the Vegueros Tapados so anyway there was a really strong kind of a smell with this cigar I
don’t know how good it’s gonna be going forward but we’re gonna do it and see
how it goes bit of a hearty draw let’s just say that wow just out the gate kind of
earthy woody and a vegetal note so anyway I’m going to smoke this thing
down to the band and I will be back with the tasting notes back here with the tasting notes on the
Vagueros Tapados so like I said there was that earthiness in there there was
the tobacco and that woodines in there and the cigar was really quite bitter
through the first half in the second half and it was really heavy that really
heavy tobacco really heavy vegetal bitter note in there throughout the
entire cigar picked up a little bit of leather in the back half of the cigar
and it was just it wasn’t that pleasant of a cigar to smoke be quite honest but the cigars like what nine months old or something like that and from getting
what I got from the beginning where I got that kind of manure smell or that
ammonia smell in the beginning when I open it up and everything like that it
just it just tells me that these cigars really need some time to age and I’m
gonna lay them down in the humidor for about I don’t know three to five years I
just think that a lot of that stuffs going to wick out and the cigar is really
gonna become quite a good cigar to smoke and I think that they have some
potential to age even way further than that because of all of that stuff that’s
in there that I can taste now and I think that a lot of that stuff’s gonna
waickout later on down the road so I’m excited about it but anyway that’s just
me I’m just some knucklehead on the internet and that’s what I think right
now the cigar has about a 87 CA rating about seven and a half smoke rings
because it really wasn’t that pleasurable to smoke I really had to
fight through this cigar because of all that bitterness in there on the palate
really dried my palate out quite a bit but I really think that if you have a
chance to pick up some of these cigars because I just think they’re gonna be
not so bad going further down the road so with that I’ve rambled on quite a bit
and that’s enough out of me