Video Games Obsession | Super Slow Russian

Subs start at 0:34 I like
play computer games a lot. I’m currently playing in Dota 2- this is a game
based on the platform of World of Warcraft and it’s a very interesting
game, because this game develops a sense of strategy, a sense of
tactics in the game. You have a choice among a hundred, a little more than a hundred
characters for which you can play. And each team has five people, that is
10 different characters, for which you can play, and also very
many different artifacts, or items that you can buy
and a lot of different variations of the game, strategies, and therefore this game
so fascinating and very intellectual, I will say. But I realized that
I like to play games, because games is some kind of accelerated simulation of
real life, that is, as in real life, we need to find answers
for some strategic moments of our life. For example,
go to university, find a job, find a husband or a wife, that is, some kind of action,
which will then somehow return, but in life, of course it’s much slower. You
go to a university, and you are there for four years. While the game can last for one hour. And
I really like to find answers to different questions, both in life and in games. And
when I realize that my answer was correct and the fact that it brings some
results, this is the most important for me and it brings me
a lot of good emotions, as well as in business. That is, you analyze what a buyer likes, how to better promote your product or your
services. In business everything is the same: strategy, you find answers to questions,
and that’s why I really like business. Every month when I do BeFluent- it’s a
business, and I like to find what you like, I like finding
some moments in this that I like and something that I can be doing. I also build my… I hire new people into the company who
also work. These are also more questions and answers,
and that’s why I like it very much.