Visit a Cuban Tobacco Farm

Welcome to my farm. My name is Hector Luis Prieto. We are in Vuelta Abajo, the “Mecca of Tobacco.” It is a sandy land where the tobacco grows under stress. There are many rivers and small streams in this area. So… together with the culture of the farmers, it’s what makes the tobacco special. We are in a field completely dedicated to the tobacco wrapper. That’s why they have the poles, the wires, so after, they’ll put on a cover. That’s what makes the leavers thinner, more flexible, for rolling the tobacco. I’m the Torcedor (cigar roller) here at the farm. My name is Miguel Arcangel Cabrera Barreras. I was born and raised on tobacco plantations. I’ve been making cigars for 32 years. I’m not empirical. I didn’t get the chance to work in a factory, but it seems to me that I learned this from my family. My mom’s family… They were Torcedores most of them. I carry it as heritage, like… like a tradition. And I feel pretty good with my job, and I where I work. I’m the fourth generation to plant and produce tobacco. I had the opportunity to learn from my grandfather… and my father, about this tobacco culture. I think I’ve had the biggest responsibility. I believe the most important thing is to preserve their work, to improve their work, and pass it on to my son, so he can do it better than what we are doing today.