Wasp Freeze – Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol Spray

Working outside can often be hampered by
the presence of wasps. BASF wasp freeze is an invaluable tool
for the outdoor all control of wasps in domestic commercial and industrial
areas Wasp freeze provides a proven knocked down
within five seconds contact. The knockdown is so quick that no
stinging pheromone is released lastly reducing
the chances are being stung BASF wasp freeze contains a course
jet with large particles as you can see this optimizes the amount
of active ingredient delivered to the insect and further improves its effectiveness
against both adult wasps and their grubs Wasp freeze has an affect reach of up to 5
meters further than almost any competitor’s product
available traditional hide it can be used very
effectively from an extension pole with a rope discharge. Hold the
container in an upright position stand a safe distance two meters or more
from the nest and not directly underneath use a
sweeping motion to saturate the nest BASF wasp freeze is also able to treat
ground nesting wasps such as the European wasp with the ability to
treat multiple nests with more continuous spray then almost
any alternative product on the market BASF Wasp Freeze is an easy solution to carry we
with you for whenever you encounter this outdoor pest problem. simplify your life with BASF Wasp Freeze