We Want YOU For Our Team!

[Dramatic, exciting music] Are you eager for excitement? Are you aching for adventure? Do you seek meaning in an otherwise meaningless existence? If so, then we want YOU at Davidus Cigars! When you work at Davidus Cigars you’ll earn hundreds of dollars an hour, be granted spacious living accommodations in our futuristic top secret undersea headquarters, and fly through space and time on top secret cigar missions–WHAT!? SAM: What are you doing? SCOTT: I’m doin’ the-the thing…the recruitment video…the thing? SAM: I’ll take it from here. Thanks, Scotty. SAM:THANK you. SAM: Come on, getgetgetget. SCOTT: Fine. I never get to do ANYTHING fun… Sorry about that. Hi, I’m Sam Dietz, general manager at Davidus Cigars. Look. At Davidus Cigars, you’re not going to be making a hundred dollars an hour and you’re not going to be flying through space and time on some sort of top secret cigar missions– –I don’t even know what those are. What you WILL get is a great job with great people and some really cool benefits. So if you’re 21 or older, have retail sales experience, and have a passion for cigars and cigar smoking, we’d love to hear from you. So go ahead and click the link in the description below and shoot us over a note. Thanks for watching. SCOTT (off camera): Tell ’em about the futuristic top secret undersea headquarters! For the LAST TIME, there is NO futuristic top secret undersea headquarters! [DRAMATIC MUSIC: DUN DUN DAAAAAAH!!]