Weather modification chemtrails invisible spraying Aerosols Clouds December Chemical Christmas

ok hello friends family and internet i’m thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out today and explore the universe with me and the weather so you can see there’s a feeder band of clouds coming from the South somehow so this morning they were chemtrailing like well there’s a little clear spot over there so they were using the invisible chemtrailing system there’s the tower the communications tower and see there’s a chemtrailer up there right now i don’t know if you can see him or not lets zoom in hopefully you can see him he should be coming out of the clouds here shortly or did he just all there is up there as we went back behind the cloud again he’s leaving his invisible trail there and so this is the things the mainstream media is not going to tell you about things that are important the experimentation is being done up in the sky to modify the weather and poison the ground any there’s the chemtrailer right up there so any private entity can go up there and do bad deeds and so yeah so he’s just going in the same direction feeding these clouds so people up north have a nice snowy Christmas a chemical christmas is what they’re going to have happy chemical christmas to you happy chemical christmas to you and there’s the Sun and Jesus is going to be born into a chemical chem trailed weather modified geo engineered christmas is what’s going to happen so yeah that’s the update for right now we have a little clear spot over here surprisingly clear spot there they’re spraying and pushing these clouds kind of up to the North the north part of the United States feeding them from the ocean the Gulf of Mexico so they were able to catch hold of some well some rain real rain clouds probably pushing them up there so yeah that’s that’s it for right now so I want to thank you guys for watching please thumbs up this video share with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and i will see you soon peace love and avocados