Weather Modification Drones Cloud Moisture December North Snow Spraying Aerosols

ok you can see the Sun is coming up right over here for this direction right by the light I don’t know if you can see that jet there’s several of them it must have something to do with this system over here follow funneling it up north skies really really hazy others one right up there well they’re heavy the weather modification drones up there oh and there’s that other one over there see it don’t know if you can see it or not how do you hear the big rumbles let me show you this back over here the weather there’s the system they’re pushing up north to funnel to feed the clouds and the moisture so it snows so yeah that’s what we got right now I’m just going to be reporting the weather throughout the day I think showing you guys oh there’s another one over there too there’s a whole bunch of them it’s really unusual for this time of year at this time of day I should say it’s early Sunday morning and yeah you can see them right up there oh look at this here they are right there they’re going to collude with each other you see that there’s one right there let’s see and there’s one at the top see up there at the top right there isn’t that an unusual flight pattern maybe look how heavy he is spraying the one there at the bottom he’s spraying a lot heavier than the one at the top let’s see if we can zoom in on him we can see him really good just gonna go right over the house there and the sun’s coming up right over there