Werkbank organizer! #101

Hey, wait a second! What? Good day! Yes, good day. Hey people, nice that you are watching another workplace vlog Look here! We already started a little bit. We already put it back together and now the finishing touch! Oooh yes this is… Yes this is it is very exciting
– Don’t brush next to it This is a strange brush Yes The brush has suffered a bit, it seems Yes but it still works It still works This will be fine I will get a dentist’s hook for those inner stickers My Egyptian brain hook This is an important tool for mummification Yeah yeah That is really true Yes? Oooh That’ll be fine though, just look That either way Nice! I think we should take a bit off Do you need the hook? Oh yes I want that So Yes, we were already doing so well with painting black Then let’s move on right away Slept well that is noticeable I have a surprise for you Well let’s see Well actually Discord has a surprise Yes?
– They made a nice video for us! Yes, that’s all, actually
I’ll show it to you… Let’s see Look here Subtitle crew and support team So that That is cool They all said “So that” That is really cool! So that! So that!
– Look at that That’s great, man That’s nicely done Yes, and thank you very much for subtitling And supporting of course Oh, now something else is starting Oh, is this your private video Bas?! Oops! But what are we going to do Yes, nice video What are we going to do?
– Yes, what are we going to do? Yes we go .. we just brushed things up Are we going to continue painting or what are we going to do? Or something else? We are done painting right? We have to show the forklift truck Oh yes! is it dry outside? I think its dry, its just windy through the trees I also think its dry let’s go see Last bit of coffee Dry! It is dry though Let’s look at it in daylight See if we have forgotten any corners while spraying. That is always exciting I think it will hurt your eyes.
– I was just about to say that Hey, you are forgetting something! Oh yes indeed! We must have that too I’ll open the door already That looks good Look at it shine! So Look that’s nice I’ll immediately grab gloves Then we can put the forks back on Add a few parts Strong things those forks It is a kind of spring steel or something I don’t know, but it surprises me every time Do I have to drive it outside? Now dirk has to.. and, and.. Hey
– Yes yes Hoppa! Nice, nice, nice
– Nu gaat het gebeuren Wipe your feet
– Yes indeed think about the paint Hey but actually I don’t dare this at all.
Even when its pink Yes yes, you think you will hit something right away Would it still work now that it is pink Sure, put the choke on it otherwise it doesn’t work Yes thats because its pink! Well look then! This is really not normal though! It’s really beautiful
It is just so beautiful Really pink of course
– That is really bizarre Then it is really nicer
– Can I have a look?
Put them on Oh yes indeed
– Really a difference huh? Yes, it is even more beautiful Like this its a little bit … a little bit … poor pink And like this its really .. If I see it like this now, I think, give me those glasses back Let’s see those glasses It is really beautiful. I don’t know if that will work Oh yes yes. That’s weird isn’t it? It looks really good! That’s great, man Painful, this is really cute I’d just like to hug it like this Yes looks good Yes We should have done this much earlier It stands out now, right? This is … Can’t we spray my car too? Yes we still have pink paint left Or let’s not And I think if we fall short, then I think that Hempel probably will give another can for your car I think they don’t really feel like that no No no It’s all right
– Yes, beautiful, is it Are you filming this?
(Bas:) Yes, I’m filming! Yow, let’s make a video!
The fob-lift is all done…. Yeah, it WAS a fork lift, now it’s a fob-lift. Dirk is going to finish off some
tubing and wiring in the tank… I’m going to drive to “Staaltje Vakwerk” to
have a few stainless strips cut… …2 cm wide, 0.8 thick if I remember correctly…… I’m sure they got that in stock… … then we will be able to make
new brackets for the wiring! -What we also could do… What could we also do..? -When everything is mounted the way it should..
Yes? -We might just as well put a battery in
and turn on the power. Oo yeah….. We might want to keep the fire extinguisher at hand…. -Another exciting moment!
No, just kidding. I’n confident that it’ll work fine. The only thing we have to check
are the cable ends that are damaged. -Yeah, but before that we will have to refurbish
several of those little cabinets. That’s right, yes. For example this here… … all those switches from the steering column here… right in there was a broken cable, so
we’ll have to solder that too. -Have you already sorted that out?
Nope, still has to be done. I might do that later on too.
I reckoned before I started to do anything… I will first tidy up the workbench, since we’re all
used to a nice clean working environment now… (Bas:) Two days already… This is the result of just two days… -It’s not my mess! Ow yes, please, do act up like that…. But errrrm… I wanted to put the steering handles in. ’cause then I can install the wire for this one…. just put it back in and then it will be
ready to be built into the craft. I’d prefer to do this on the workbench, but as you can see…. ..again our workbench is a mess. We’ve also got some additional new screwdrivers…. .. and our screwdriver compartment is already bulging. That’s not really efficient because if you
need one you’ll have to take them all out. So I was thinking about making a little support and just drop them in. Then that will be sorted out too. So that. (It’s thus, that’s it) (Bas:) What the heck is this!? I got confused… I was going to make a
screw driver rack, but all of a sudden… .. it turned out to be something else.
More practical, I think. So now we can hang all our wrenches here.
Isn’t that nice, Dirk?
-Yes it is… I should add a piece here… -Yeah, you thought in your little head that you could
store all those screwdrivers in there… .. right until you realized the pins
all were too big. I was trying to throw them on like this…. .. but it didn’t quite work. On the other hand this is a perfect fit! Are you happy, Dirk?
-Yeah, I think it’s really nice. Have you seen this already?
Let me show off with Dirks work for a sec.. This part is situated in the front of
the tank with the driver.. This was completely corroded. -That only needs a lick of paint and
then we can put it right back in. (Bas:) [INAUDIBLE] This is fine like this. …and these connectors came out without a hitch, right? -Well, not just like that, but they
came off like they should. The electrical components at the back of the tank have been exposed to the elements way more than this part. Even after we completely demolished the swivel it wouldn’t come apart. There’s another part like that one
that needs to be detached…. Yeah…
-And that one is a bit broken. We’ll have to accept that… I know these
connectors can still be ordered today. I did some research about that. and they still are available, even in plastic if desired. Those definitely won’t rust solid. -True, but these won’t rust anymore either. You’re right, if we put some grease on
and just mount it it will be fine. -You never actually get to see
what is keeping it from detaching….. That’s odd indeed. Once you managed to take it apart
there’s never a trace of what was holding it together. -It’s an odd thing… The one moment it’s completely rusted solid, then one thing starts moving, …. .. it goes ‘click’ and then you can just
untie the nut with two fingers. It just ejects some powder and that’s it then. It’s very odd.
I think I’m going to… … or are you going to pick up those ribbons?
-Suit yourself, I don’t really care… -I’m just doing my own fun stuff here… -But if you feel like fiddling with those ribbons then you should pick them up first. Yeah I was pondering a bit… Whether or not to
make another addition to that rack… .. so we can store some more tools. -I would just leave it the way it is now for the time being. If we only could attach some pins here
it would make a perfect place for the sockets. -‘That is’. (dialect) No bad idea either. Nope… Will be done in a second… -You know what would really be epic…. Paint it pink! -No, no no.
Ow… (laughter) -No, this is a stroke of genius… -You know we’ve got all this sheet metal? Yes, but what…?
Do you want to make a little tray or something? -No, that’s not it. What if we welded
a piece of sheet metal right here on top of this…. -It will make an awesome landing strip for our tools. -Suitable for small air traffic too… oh… my… God… And it’s not even Friday yet… The people I have to work with…. I’m going to figure out a solution for those sockets. See if anything will fit.
(Bas:) You were also going to do the comments… Oh, yeah, that’s right!! Shall we do that right away? -Are we going to read the comments? Okay, carry on. I will now grab my specially
designated comment-telephone… Surfing to the webpage of NightDuty… Let’s see. These are the comments to our 100th vlog! -Yes, that’s right! The 100th!
When our fork lift turned pink… Daveplus says:
Haha, I didn’t see that one coming!
Congratulations guys and thanks for all WorkshopVlogs! Well, thank you for watching! -That’s nice! JohnVW syas:
A pink fork lift. Fabulous! Must be Dirk’s Walhalla! Yes, I was very happy. And still am I must say. Sure you are! And Lennart says:
Yeah! A pink fork lift! Awesome!
What’s up for the 200th vlog?
Paint Dirk’s car pink perhaps? (Bas:) We can do that tomorrow if you like… Ehmmm… No! It kinda strikes me as a good idea.. -Yep, I know you thought it was… Well… Spiffing.
And now I’m going to work on this. This here always travels around down there… -I think it’s a great plan, but still mine is better. Which is? -Which is that I am going to pay the toilet a short visit. (Bas:) D’oh
Okay, have fun! Nice, isn’t it? -Are you happy? I think it looks great. It makes tidying up much easier. This here is an impeccable new steel cable.. It should hook onto this latch… so I ordered this cable here at INDI.
It has a nice little nipple at the end… That is very clever, but…. the problem is that there’s this little axle
that can’t come off. It’s clinched into the component. The Chinese (more likely the Russians because the Chinese nicked their knowledge from the Russians)
and found this solution…. They kind of knitted it together with steel wire. .. all the way through with their tiny little fingers… … twisting and turning it, then put a knot in it… Well, that wasn’t what I was planning on doing… But I found this, look at this here. I found a piece of that copper brake line… … so I cut a small bit off… … like so…. .. and this is what I had in mind, attention.. .. let’s fiddle this through here… … perhaps round that side might be best.. …Oops, almost forgot to put that
custom nipple on first… Look at this… That’s what I’m talking about… -Please make it look good, right?
I will make it look very good, okay? -Sure?
In my opinion, anyway… -Well, at least there will be someone
who thinks it looks good. Nag, nag, nag….
Come and have a look when it’s finished! -Are you done yet?
Almost, almost.. -I did some lovely stuff too.
Did you? I’m fond of lovely stuff. Right, let me have a look…
(Bas:) Wow! (Bas:) That has been tidied up nicely!
Ow Heck yes it has!! Yeah, that’s one of the things we managed to do as well. And now… -Just as if …. [INAUDIBLE] Done! Well.. That is a proper job! Yeah, this will do the trick.
Look! Neat, hey? Dirk, come and have a look please! -I’m coming, let me finish this paintwork first.. Yeah right! I’m afraid to watch… I think you will appreciate this. -I’ve only got the rear side left to finish and then… -Show me the stuff! Well?
-I came all the way over here for this?! He’s acting up again… -No, I think it’s gorgeous, really.
But there’s one thing left to do. Yeah, pull it all the way through Ah, flatten that bit.
-Yeah, if you don’t it will stretch. That’s a pain. No, we don’t want that for sure. No, you bent that cable into a mess. Did you know that a bent part of a steel cable actually is called a ‘cage’?
[editor: at least in Dutch it is…] -I don’t know what that is. Watch this then, I’m going to make
a cage in this piece of steel cable. It’s on the sawing machine. -Did you squirt red paint all over the sawing machine?
Nope, it wasn’t me. Look, if I’d torc it like this… It’s giving way already.
-Oh, you mean you kind of open the fibers? Maybe if I twist it this way.. Right. If you spot something looking like this in a steel cable.. … that’s what we call a cage. -A cage?
Yeah, I wouldn’t know the origins of the word. Just think about bars if you need to remember… -So if you’ve got a pet bird that’s what you got to make?
Absolutely. It will have to either be a very small bird
or one heck of a big steel cable. Try an anchor cable….
-So this will be a throttle… (makes vroom noises) I’m going to mount the outer cable.
Now where is it… Here. (Bas:) The rack looks great. -It’s a good thing it’s not mounted to the wall. -… the tools would be out of reach…
No, they’re easy to grab now. This is perfectly fine. This will have a very positive effect on our productivity. It may have taken us a while…
-There’s just one little thing… Well?
-We should put up some numbers here. We can use a felt marker to do that…
-Then it would be really perfect. Yes, but which number is for which tool?
I mean this is spanner #26 and this here is socket #27… -That will be a slight design flaw… Well, not exactly. This here is #32 and it matches.
That #30 over there too. But here…
-That’s our culprit.
There is nothing… Where is that socket? Like this it’s correct.
-See? This is #26…… The rest seems to be fine dude!
Look at this! -Then why are you making a fuss about it? You were the one that was making a fuss…
-Hey, look what I’ve got! Ooww! Yes yes, the clocks! This one actually works! Yeah, it works for sure! -Oh, this one’s stuck, it’s on cruise control. Exactly.
And look at this! Isn’t this nice? Completely functional again. -I can’t believe how well we’ve been working today! Look.. It’s more comfortable with this hand…. Normally these handles would be over there of course. Like this. -Now it still shifts very lightly. Right! But it’s not the shifting of the gears that will be heavy but it’s the clutch…. -The shifting was heavy too.
You really had to yank the gear lever into place. You actually had to use two hands to use it.
Clutch at the right moment and then all at once.. Clang! to yank it into gear. Oh, well, I thought the shifting of the gears was quite okay… -Well, at least that guy told me… Who told you? -Eugene. Oh.. Well… But! We managed to move forward
with the rebuilding of our tank… And we have reached the end of this day.
-Is it 5 o’ clock already? It’s almost 5, yeah…
-Ahh.. It’s a shame, isn’t it? -No, I’m done for today.
Yeah, home sweet home! I think we’ll call it a day.
It’s been a very productive day for us today…. We’ve got our pink fork lift,
we’ve got our tool rack, ..we’ve got a working gear shift mechanism,
Dirk has demolished some clocks… What else did you do today?
-I did absolutely nothing today. -I fixed the fire extinguish-unit…. Oo yes, that’s painted nicely now… -I did those electrical cabinets, I hung some lamps,
I made the wiring look decent… It’s almost finished over there! And there’s all the things over there we painted black. I almost forgot. -You know what we’ve also done? We had some cake!
-Yes, we did. -You know what we’re going to do now?
Go home! So folks, thanks for watching and see you in the next! Bye bye! English subtitles by KimJongJits & Millbrook1974