What can cause lung cancer? | Norton Cancer Institute

Ninety percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking so if we didn’t have smoking we’d have an almost rare disease. In fact, you can see the difference. I have oncology friends who practice in
California and New York; they have half to one third the rate
among tension that we have here in Kentucky it’s because of smoking. There are some people that develop lung cancer though who are not smokers have and never been smokers. Some of that’s secondhand smoke, some
of it is radon Some of that just happens and we don’t
know why. Those people happen to have higher chance of having these genetic
mutations where their tumors could be
treated by some of these oral drugs We don’t quite know why that is. Small-cell is almost all related to smoking. Non-small-cell still is ninety percent related to smoking. Smoking is the biggest cause of
both those. that the non small cell lung cancer, we
know of some genetic mutations that are can be treated basically. For small-cell we know some genetic mutations but we
don’t have any tools to treat that with.