What It Takes | An R&D Obsession (Episode 1)

What would you
call a group of fanatics defiantly committed to
endlessly bettering their best? At Titleist, we call them
Research and Development. Our approach is driven by our tour pros. We have a relationship with
them that’s built on trust. And whenever we bring new products out, they’re looking for things
that are going to improve the performance, yet be familiar to them in terms of the overall
performance that they’re used to. It’s hard to get your head
around of what this club can do, it was pretty unbelievable. The hours are long, and the ideas are plentiful. It’s a delicate balancing act, one the Titleist team navigates
like the pros they are. We’re looking at so
many different elements, whether it be materials,
construction, processes, and pushing all of them
to the limit to deliver more performance. For the fortunate prototypes, the ultimate test awaits. A tour pro can immediately tell when something is not right in a club. It’s a process of back-and-forth to make sure they’re
getting what they want. It’s ruthless,
but it’s the only way to keep making the best clubs
in the world even better. We don’t innovate just to innovate. Innovation has to have purpose. Anyone can add a new feature, but it’s hardly innovation
if it’s gone in a year. The team
lives in a complex world, delivering products that
shine on the course, where it counts. It’s enjoyable
knowing that the best players in the world are putting your
product into play every week, and that’s what makes it fun
to come to work every day.