Whiskey Stones at Best Cigar Prices

Hey, folks. Good afternoon. Jeff Brown here from Best Cigar Prices. I’m in charge of the merchandising here at
Best Cigar Prices. And let me tell you about a brand new and
exciting item that we have here exclusive at Best Cigar Prices, whiskey stones. These whiskey stones are not your normal whiskey
stones. These are actually made from granite from
the Granite State and here in the Keystone State available exclusively at Best Cigar
Prices. What you do with this is put them in your
freezer for about two hours or a little bit longer. They go right into your drink. They sit at the bottom. They’re smooth stones. They’re not going to scratch the glass at
all. They’re not going to impart any sorts of different
flavors or anything like that so your dram is going to be 100% pure. Drink it. Enjoy it. Take it out. Wash it off again. They’re reusable. The cool thing is you get six of these stones
per order. And they’re all multi-colors as you can see
so everybody can identify their drink by the color of their stones. Again, no odors, totally reusable forever,
100% granite, nice and smooth, a variety of colors. Get your whiskey stones today here at Best
Cigar Prices.