Why Am I Obsessed With Popping Pimples?

Why am I obsessed with popping pimples? If you pop it, it doesn’t get bigger. If
you pop it and clean it up, the infection won’t spread. If I pop it, I have a mess of blood and pus. Not if you wash your face well enough after
popping it, you won’t. I’m so self-conscious of them. Why am I
so obsessed? You hardly have any pimples. You don’t have
that horrific acne that leaves a rash like someone has smallpox or chicken pox, and which
can become horrible scars. They make me look ugly. Have you considered changing your diet so
you don’t get so many pimples? Cutting out the grease and fat didn’t work.
Going vegetarian didn’t help. Have you changed your skin care routine? I’ve tried a dozen different moisturizers
and creams and makeup. Actually, moisturizers and creams can make
things worse if they clog your pores. What’s the solution? Wash your face with soap and water at least
twice a day. You may or may not want more sun exposure. That makes acne worse. If I take Accutane,
it could be dangerous. Sunlight is good for you, and it helps acne
as long as you wash the sweat off soon. It is the sun burns that increase your risk of
skin cancer. Is skin cancer that bad? Imagine a mole becoming a carcinoma. That sounds disgusting. It can also be life threatening. Do you feel
better about a few pimples now? Not really. I still want to get rid of these
pimples. Then every night, after your shower, sit down
and pop them all. In private! Fine, fine, but why yell at me? Because you won’t shut up about it. And
no one would notice your pimples if you stopped talking about them.