Why Am I Obsessed With Ryan Reynolds?

You know who I think is the hottest guy around? No, who? Hard to say, because you think everyone
is hot. No, I don’t! I will tell you who I think is
really hot. Ok, who do you think is really hot? Ryan Reynolds…He is a hottie bar none. In
fact I think I am obsessed with him. You are obessessed with Ryan Reynolds… Why?
And do you need a doctor? Well, for one thing he is built. He used to
be married to Scarlett Johansson…I’m just sayin. So he has bad taste in women…why else? He is an amazingly good actor I loved him
in Buried. I also liked him in Safe House and the Green Lantern. Not only is he hot, hot, hot, he can act. Yeah, well he also is Canadian like we are. He is?! That gives me even more reason to
like him…Thanks Lisa! Slow down girl, he is married again you know. Well, maybe it won’t work out. Jeesh…what are you 16? Wish the best for
the man…even if you are obsessed with him. OK, you are right I guess I should. Of course, you can always hope two you are
married in a parallel universe. Yes, but I am still gonna be obsessed with
him. He has a lot of movies coming up you know. I am sure he does, his career is really going
strong. Another reason to like him. Yeah, well I will be watching them all. Yes, I think he is not just a flash in the
pan, so my dad likes to say. Yes, he was even good in the Croods. I think he was in Ted too, another funny movie. Yep, heard he was…well have fun girl watching
RR movies.