Why Are Pokémon Fans Obsessed with Sword & Shield’s Wooloo? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Pokemon fans are obsessed with Sword and Shield’s
latest addition, Wooloo. Grab your Poke Balls, because a whole new generation of pocket monsters are almost here. On Wednesday, fresh details about the upcoming Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, were dropped
during a Nintendo Direct, where fans learned new
features, new mechanics, and of course, new Pokemon. However, it’s one specific
monster joining the lineup that has fans losing
their collective minds, the sheep Pokemon Wooloo. Even though fans were
introduced to seven new Pokemon joining the roster of Sword and Shield, Wooloo is causing the
internet to eat itself over its overwhelming cuteness. So what is this new creature? And why are fans already obsessed with it? As we said before, Wooloo is a Normal Sheep-type Pokemon, which, to be quite frank, makes it sound like it’s just a sheep. It’s from the new region, Galar, and its abilities are described
as fluffy slash run away. The description goes into
deeper detail, adding, “They dislike conflict, “and if they need to escape from enemies, “they will simply roll away,” which, to be quite frank again, is something we all do whenever we’re presented with conflict. – [Man] Steven, is that script ready? (laser firing) Hey Erin, did you get that paperwork done? (laser firing) Hey Nate, did you forget my coffee? (laser firing) – Of course, fans have already fallen hard for this cute little sheepy boy and have taken to social
media to shout out their love. The fan art alone is bananas. Look at that sheep! The bushy tail, the big teeth, the hooves. Okay, the producers are telling me this isn’t a sheep at all. It’s a Pokemon. But look at what fans did! You can see details in the ponytails. Of course, it wasn’t just drawings. Many fans went into protective
mode for the fluffy Pokemon with @Trihunter2 saying, “Wooloo is my child
and I will protect it.” So it’s simple to say that if
anything happens to Wooloo, fans will riot. But we think that JM speaks
for all of us when he wrote, “Between Sobble and Wooloo
Pokemon Sword and Shield “is turning into the most relatable “generation of Pokemon yet.” If you don’t know, Sobble is the Water-type starting Pokemon who cries a lot and makes
everyone around them cry as well. So yeah, very relatable. Now the cute little
ball of fluff and braids wasn’t the only Pokemon
revealed on Wednesday. During the Nintendo Direct, they also announced new details
about six other Pokemon, most notably, the two Legendary Pokemon the game is based around. Each Legendary Pokemon is a wolf creature. One has a sword in its mouth, and the other has a
shield-like looking mane. Fans were also quick to jump
on these new Legendaries with memes and tweets with
generally positive reactions. However, it wasn’t just
about the new Pokemon. We also learned about
the new Dynamax feature, where Pokemon can grow
to gigantic proportions to face off against enemy Pokemon. To use this ability, trainers must acquire the Dynamax band, and the feature can only
be used once per battle and will only last three turns. But we finally live in a world
where a kaiju-sized Raichu can shoot electricity at a tiny
Rattata until it passes out. However, it is worth
noting that this feature seems to be limited to certain
areas in the Galar region, namely arenas and raid zones, which brings us to our next change. The other huge change to the Pokemon world is the introduction of online raids. We saw this first being
utilized in Pokemon Go, but now it has crossed over into an official core Pokemon game. Trainers can have up to
three friends join them against a Dynamaxed Pokemon
that will be determined by some real-life factors, like if it’s raining or sunny outside. At the end of the battle, each trainer has the chance to
catch the Dynamaxed character and add it to their collection. So there ya have it. Along with all these new online raids, giant-sized Pokemon, and of course, the love spreading for Wooloo, it’s hard not to see fans jumping on board with Sword and Shield when
the games drop November 15th. But what do you folks think? Is Wooloo the cutest Pokemon ever created? Why are fans on board for
him, but hate Popplio? And which game are you going to get, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, or wait until they release
the third installment, Pokemon Crossbow? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like, subscribe,
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