Why Are Right Wingers Obsessed with Trump’s “Alpha”-ness?

Let’s go next to our caller from the five
zero three area code. Who’s calling today from five zero three Hey David, this is Warren from Portland, Oregon. How are you? Hey there. Good. It’s so recently Russell and Bob mentioned
that, uh, Trump was, as he referred to him as like mr man. And it’s, it’s become so troubling how so
many people, I mean, mainly the base has seen masculinity and Trump as this epitome of,
of manhood and that fuels their, their judgements towards those that aren’t as man, like I guess,
um, you know, the snowflake line and all that. And at the same time though, I’m curious about
your opinion. There’s this movement of, of you know, LGBT
and kind of an awakening of what is masculine and feminine. And I’m wondering like how you see it kind
of coming out in politics cause it’s coming out, I think in media a lot faster, the allowance
of, of such, um, you know, definitions in definitions of, of masculinity and femininity. But how do you see it, um, coming out, uh,
in the political world, which I don’t know nearly enough. I feel like the way that it’s coming out is
extremely stratified. So what I mean by that is the following, um,
take somebody like Barack Obama. Now stereotypes around black men are often
about, uh, you know, hyper masculine hypersexualized often in society including in portrayals in
media. Often there are, uh, you know, illusions to
the black man as more likely to become violent. And you know, we’ve studied all this stuff
academically about portrayal portrayals of black men. Now at the same time Barack Obama is, um,
uh, of, of very well educated, um, the type of person that fits much more into sort of
to use the, uh, the arbitrary dichotomy of the fighter versus the lover. Barack Obama far more fits into the idea of
the lover, the thinker, whatever. If you look at, you know, his relationships
with other people, how he interacts with his kids and whatever. Where is Donald Trump in many ways is portrayed
and seen by his supporters as kind of the epitome of the alpha male. And I do think that some of these roles are
changing because there’s a huge swath of society where when they see Barack Obama, not a guy
likely to get into the types of, for lack of a better term, pissing matches that Donald
Trump gets himself in a, into not the type of guy to make the types of threats that Donald
Trump makes for a huge part of America that is seen as the adult in charge, in the room,
way to behave where Donald Trump, despite checking a lot of the stereotypical boxes
of the alpha male threats, loud, boisterous, pushing his way around to get to the front
of the picture with the world leaders, insulting people, all of this stuff, Donald Trump in
reality is very much the snowflake that the right likes to portray many on the left to
be. So I think the answer to your question in
a very long winded way is it depends who you ask for. A huge part of the American electorate, those
old standards of alpha versus beta and masculinity still persist and a lot of those people are
supporting Donald Trump. There’s a whole other world out there because
we have a country that is so divided culturally as much as it is politically, um, uh, where
those norms have drastically changed. And I think that that’s a very good thing. Yeah, it seems like it’s an, I, I hate to
stereotype, but seems like the Democrats are pushing an open mindedness and the Republicans
are holding onto a close minded desk. Maybe I can call some of the time and ask,
but what if the Republicans here to teach us, I mean it can’t be that one sided or is
it, I, I’m not sure I know what you mean. Um, like it seems like we, I feel as a Democrat,
I am part of a group of people who are, who are evolving, um, to a place. Uh, we’re, we’re teaching the Republicans
about compassion and what real manhood is. Power is not insulting. It’s compassionate. It looks maybe snowflakey but it’s actually
strength. Yes, absolutely. And I don’t know that they’re getting it. I think some of them may be, are what I’m wondering is, is it that one sided
in a good way? I think where we are here to kind of help
others get it, but that sounds a little self righteous. It’s not totally one sided. It’s not totally one sided. But at the national level, at the national
level, I think that it is very one sided in terms of the messages we get in media. I think in practice there are plenty of people
who are, you know, for low taxes who also are just as empathetic and comfortable with
sort of more modern, uh, um, understandings of masculinity than, uh, than what we see
represented by Republicans at the national level. Very important topic and I hope to talk about
it again. Really appreciate the phone call. A very, very nice to hear from you.