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– Hi there, my name is Dorrie. My birthday is May 13th, my
favorite color is magenta, my sign is Taurus, and my blood type is A. Hold on. Okay, I get the first few things, but why is my blood type important? Wait, are you guys planning on draining me of all my blood and harvesting my organs? I knew this day would come. So I guess I’ll have to
explain the importance of blood types in anime quickly, before Adrian pulls out the needles, and the blood bags. By the way, I’m a
platelet, Happy Halloween. (upbeat music) Have you ever been curious as to why those profile cards in My Hero Academia list the characters’ blood types along with their birthday,
likes and dislikes? Wonder why it matters that Usagi mentioned she has O blood in the beginning of each Sailor Moon episode? Well, you’re not alone. Heck, even Stain from My Hero Academia is interested in blood types. His quirk, Bloodcurdle varies based on his enemy’s blood typing. He’s able to paralyze
enemies with type B blood for a full eight minutes, but less time for type AB, then A, and his quirk is the least
effective on O type enemies. Can you really blame me for thinking that anime has some sort
of weird blood fetish? In Japan, actually, most
of Asia for that matter, people look at blood types kind of like how we look at Zodiac signs. Ketsuekigata or blood-typing
is a way for Japanese people to indicate or assess an
individual’s personality type. Each of the four types, A, B, AB, and O, come with several different traits. So if you’re in Japan and someone asks you what your blood type is it’s kind of like if I were to ask you what your sign is, along with your place of birth
and exact time you were born so I can look up your birth chart and see if we could be compatible mates, get married and have children. I’m an Aries moon and
Capricorn rising by the way. (upbeat music) Also similar to Zodiac, there isn’t really much
scientific evidence to back any of it up, but it’s still just a fun
way to start a conversation and get some insight into why we act the way we do sometimes. Like why am I so stubborn? Why am I so shy and
reserved around new people? Why am I so confused and disgusted whenever I feel a genuine
emotion towards somebody? This is becoming a therapy session. Blood typing and personality are actually so big in Japanese culture that they have a whole term for it: Blood Type Personality Theory. Several women’s magazines
have horoscope-like sections, except with blood types. There are also dating
websites entirely dedicated to finding someone with a
compatible blood type to yours, since Blood Type Personality Theory is most commonly applied in dating. You can call me weird
for saying that my heart will repeatedly punch me in the face anytime a cute Scorpio even looks my way, but some people will flat
out refuse to date anyone who has B blood. Since blood types hold
such important meaning in Japanese culture, it makes sense for them to
seep their way into anime. Blood typing is so common in anime that there’s even a whole (beep) anime based off of a Korean 4 Panel Webtoon about anthropomorphic blood types. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you go Google Ketsuekigata-Kun? Each episode is two minutes
long, it’s really chaotic, there are four seasons of it, four, four! Each episode of Ketsuekigata-kun is really just a random scenario, and we see how each blood type
approaches it differently. A-kun is serious and kind, but anxious, B-kun is creative and
unique, but impulsive, O-kun is optimistic and
romantic, but has a temper, and AB-kun is cool and
sociable, but aloof as hell. Shenanigans always ensue, and at the very end of each episode, a narrator basically says that it shouldn’t be taken
seriously and blood types don’t actually play a
factor into personality, just in case I, excuse
me, we needed a reminder. What do you say we take an even
closer look into each type, and find out which of
our favorite characters fall into each blood bag. Let’s start with what is easily
the best blood type: type A. Yeah, it’s because that’s
my blood type, I said it. However, I’m not actually
an anime character, I just play one on YouTube (crowd booing) Your booing only fuels me. I can tell you about
another young adult woman who’s always screaming on the inside that has this blood type, though. She’s everyone’s favorite depressed Sanrio office worker slash
metalhead, Aggretsuko’s Retsuko. Retsuko is kind of the poster
child for the A blood type, because people with A blood are known for being the hardest workers, responsible and mild mannered. People usually refer to them
as kichomen, or well-organized. I think we all agree that Retsuko is one hell of an employee, in fact, she works a little too hard
and never gets the credit that she so deserves. She stays at her office
well past closing time, she’s quick to help out
the newer employees, and she aspires to be like the badass business (beep)
above her, Gori and Washimi. She also puts up with, like, way too much of her chauvinist boss’ (beep)
as well as her co-workers’. Maybe she ought to stand
up to them more often. Oh, wait, she doesn’t do this a lot, because A types are also known for being very shy and
submissive overthinkers. Well, this is suddenly becoming
very eye opening for me. They will stay out of conflict, mostly because, like Retsuko, they’re too busy being in their own head, thinking about every little thing that could possibly go wrong that day since the coffee maker decided
not to work in the morning and their friend decided
to reply to their text with one single word, so suddenly they’re thinking
that that friend hates them and deadlines are coming up
and the ecosystem is collapsing and (loud gasping). (soft shattering) So yeah, Retsuko, Total A type. You know who else is also an A type and acts polite and timid? One of my favorite
ahoge-bearing protagonists, Danganronpa’s Makoto Naegi. Hope’s Peak Academy’s ray of sunshine, Naegi is a kind, gentle
soul who only wants the best for his fellow classmates, even
if it’s at his own expense. He’s also well-organized, seeing how he collects
evidence in an efficient way any time a murder occurs
in the school killing game, and can clap back with a
“You’ve got that wrong” any time he gets a whiff
of a classmate’s lie. Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for Naegi, then everyone in his class
probably would have died in less than 24 hours. Actually not Kirigiri
because she’s the only one with the a brain out of all those loons. You know someone who isn’t
mild-mannered, though, or literally any of the
traits of an A blood type, but is still somehow,
well, an A blood type? Bakugo! I don’t have anything else to add to that. I just wanted to mention
that Bakugo has A blood. He feels more like a B to me, though. Speaking of which, let’s
move on to the B’s! Described as jikochu,” or selfish, they are known for being
passionate, creative, unique and fun-loving, which doesn’t sound so bad to me. However, they’re also
known for being impulsive, forgetful, lazy, and of course, selfish. So, who is someone that fits
the bill for this personality, and actually has B blood, unlike Bakugo? How about Naruto? Naruto is certainly a unique character, and I think it is safe to say that he’s very passionate
about his goals and desires. His drive to becoming Hokage is a focus of the long running series, but he also knows when to kick back and have some fun with his friends over a piping hot bowl of ramen. At the same time, he’s
a pretty forgetful dude, often requiring
oversimplified explanations of things he doesn’t understand. Relatable. He also failed to graduate
ninja school like three times, which practically screams B blood. Another unfortunate victim of B blood is the titular Revolutionary
girl herself, Utena Tenjou. Oh, so that’s why everyone
wants to fight her all the time. Poor Utena. She may be well liked by
all of her classmates, but when it comes to the student council, there always seems to be someone who has something to say about her. Maybe they’re just jealous of all of her positive B type traits, like her highly passionate nature when it comes to protecting
the ones she loves, or her way of presenting herself: boy’s school uniform, pink
prismatic hair and all. You could also say that Utena comes across as a bit impulsive, quick to assume how other people are feeling, and, quoting Anthy, “is
prone to misconceptions.” This often leads her into trouble, like when she honestly believed that that Touga playboy
(beep) was her Prince when he was really just
trying to trick her so he could take the Rose Bride. I mean, come on Utena. Never trust a bishounen boy no matter how pretty his hair is. Well, at least it’s easy to tell how Utena is feeling most of the time, unlike her Rose bride, Anthy. (loud chiming) Oh, what a surprise! It’s because Anthy is an AB blood type. Known to be the most
mysterious of the blood types due to its rarity in
the Japanese population, AB types are stereotyped as
kawarimono, or eccentric. They often combine the
traits of both A and B, and many would consider them to be just a wee bit two-faced. Ah, so they’re the Gemini’s
of the blood type world. Fascinating. Anime characters with this type are often complicated and strange, but they’re almost
always pretty damn cool, so it makes up for it. Take Yukito from Cardcaptor
Sakura for example. There’s probably a reason why literally everyone on this
show is attracted to Yukito, and it’s not just because
of his silver hair or his warm, ever present smile. There’s always an air of
mystery surrounding Yuki. Why does he eat so much
and never gain weight? Why does he never seem to be worried about literally anything? Why does he spend so much
time in Toya’s bedroom? Well, I think I know the
answer to that last one, but we already made a
whole video about that, which you should watch after this. Anyway, as you keep watching the show and learn more about Yukito, his AB typing starts to
make more and more sense, but that’s reaching
some spoilery territory, so I’ll spare you guys those reasons. Instead, let’s pivot to Honey-senpai. Ouran HighSchool Host
Club has quite a cast of fascinating characters, and among those characters
is the adorable Honey-senpai, who’s entire existence
is basically dual-type. He’s tiny and looks young, but
he’s the oldest of the hosts. He’s airheaded, but at the
same time, highly intelligent. He’s a pretty happy-go-lucky little fella, but also possesses the
rage of 1,000 Bakugo’s when awakened from his beauty-sleep. There’s actually a really
funny moment in episode 12 where a couple of the
other hosts convince Haruhi that Honey is secretly
super evil and villainous because he’s an AB blood type. It causes Haruhi to literally go meta and directly apologize
to viewers with AB blood. I’m telling you, they take this (beep) really seriously in Japan. There are lots of other weirdos that have this mysterious type, like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Giornio, Cowboy Bebop’s Radical
Edward, Sailor Mars. The point is, these are characters that I wouldn’t (beep) with
in any way, shape, or form, because who knows exactly
what they’re hiding, especially that Edward. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed was actually immortal. Thank god O blood types
are much more transparent. Last but not least, we have the O bloods. Personally, I’ve noticed
that most anime protagonists fall under this type, which isn’t too surprising since they’re described as
rakkanshugi, or optimistic. There’s Spike Spiegel, Natsu
Igneel, to name a couple. They’re outgoing individuals,
fairly easy to get along with, and they know how to roll with the punches without working themselves up too much. Oh look, I just described Deku perfectly. Get it, because punches? (Adrian booing) Why are you booing me, I’m right. – [Adrian] Sorry. – Hehe, that’s right, My Hero
Academia’s bushy haired boy is indeed an O type. Are any of us surprised? He gets along with pretty
much everyone in Class 1-A, and he never loses hope
in becoming a hero, even before he receives
one-for-all from All Might. He makes for quite an impressive leader when the going gets tough, and leadership abilities are
known to be common in O types. After all, why would All
Might pick a successor that doesn’t display these qualities? You really think he was
going to pick a (gasps) B blood type? Sacre bleu! You know, maybe this video was a bad idea, because now I’m starting
to take this too seriously. Speaking of leaders, as
I mentioned much earlier in the video, Sailor
Moon is also an O type. However, Usagi displays more of the negative
qualities of an O type, at least early on in the series. O blood types can be so go with the flow that they end up being carelessly late to their responsibilities, most likely because they’re too busy thinking about their romantic life. Usagi, I love you, but you
can’t keep getting so distracted by boys when you’ve got
bad guys to beat up. You also can’t get so mad whenever one of the other Sailor Senshi calls you out on your b.s. I know it’s in your O-blood nature to cause you to have a
bit of a temper, but girl, get it together and be the very best magical girl you can be. Okay, I guess she’s not
all negative aspects, because she does have the whole endless optimism thing going for her. She does learn how to become
a great leader eventually, uniting all of her Sailor Senshi friends, and always saving the day in the end. Listen, though, as fun
as it is to psychoanalyze all of these characters based on what letter of
blood they were born with, at the end of the day, this is really just meant to be for fun. Not all A types are earnest hard workers, and not all B types are lazy slobs with little regard for others. Sometimes a character’s blood type is just there to be another fun fact, and other times, it’s there
to give you a little insight into their personality. I hope you all learned
something new today, because boy did I. If you found this video to
be both informative and fun, give our channel a subscribe. I’m Gory (coughs), I mean, Dorrie, and thank you so much for
watching Get in the Robot: Your Anime Explainer. You’ll never catch me alive, nerds! This platelet’s goin’ rogue. Can they still see me? – [Adrian] Yes. (relaxing music)