Wiz Khalifa Talks Top Smokers | Fuse X Big Boy

Wiz so many people
want to smoke with you. [Wiz] Yeah I’m sure that you have
smoked with people. Is there any, I don’t even
want to ask, is there anyone that out
smoked you? Alrighty. [Wiz] Nah You said “Nah” MmmMmm [Big] No one? Nah [Big] Okay. Alrighty. So what I want to do, man,
the World Cup is going down, right? We’re going to do
like the world bowl. [Wiz] Okay. Alrighty. Now I’m just going
to hold him faces up. [Wiz] Okay. And I want you to just let
me know what per…have you ever smoked
with Gucci Mane? Um before he got sober? Yes. [Big] Okay. Before he got sober, and
you smoked with Xzibit? [Wiz] Yes. He can smoke. He’s a smoker. Oh, so Xzibit can smoke
so we’re gonna eliminate Gucci Mane. [Wiz] Well nah nah nah. Oh, okay. This is a competition? Yeah this is a
competition. [Wiz] Oh see I’m
ahead of my time. Xzibit more than Gucci. Gucci’s sober. Keep Xzibit up. Alrighty now. Okay, Xzibit. [Wiz] Yep. Swae Lee. [Wiz] Swae Lee or
Xzibit….Xzibit wins. Go ahead now
Mr X to the Z. Look at, look at it. He’s still up there. You know what I’m saying? Alrighty now. Alright. Xzibit? Ty Dolla Sign? [Wiz] Oh —-. Uh oh, here we go. The World Bowl. [Wiz] Ty got smoke
in his picture bro. [Laughing] Ty smokes…Uh, I’ve
smoked with Ty more than Xzibit and I’ve seen Ty
smoke a —- ton of pot. Okay so we’re
eliminating Xzibit… [Wiz] Xzibit is funny as
hell looking up there, but he got to go. Now, have you ever smoked
with Kanye or you think he’s new to the game? I never smoked
with the West. Alright, so I’m going
to put him over here. We got to get him
some Khalifa Kush. Hows that Khalifa
Kush going? Is that of choice? It’s going really
really well man. I prescribe it
to everybody. As you should brother. Now, Miley Cyrus,
Ty Dollar Sign. [Wiz] —- that’s a tie. [All Gasping] Whoa! So Miley Cyrus. Ty Dollar Sign. Tie. [Wiz] Yep. Alrighty now, The Boss,
Rick Ross, big lungs. Oh man. Why y’all doing my
boy Ross like that? Man… Cause y’all want
him to win, right? [Big] No! [Natalia] I don’t know. I think it’s about to get
a little more difficult. We got… Can we do a three
piece over there? Nah man, we gotta
eliminate one of em. C’mon man, it looks good. It looks good. It looks good. That’s three stoners. Three good stoners. That’s Rick Ross, Miley
Cyrus, Ty Dollar Sign [Wiz] This next person has
to out smoke all of them. All three of em. B Real from Cypress Hill. 100% [Laughing] 100% that’s the
king of weed. [Big] Oh! Bigger than Snoop Dogg? I mean, you know Snoop
is my homie, but… [Big] World Cup
though the world bowl. Honestly like I love Snoop
to death and we get super high together, but I’m
not going to lie to these people dog. B Real is the
king of weed. [Louie] Damn. B Real. The realest. [Wiz] Yes.