World’s Oldest Cigar Seller: STORE CRAZY

FRANCIS: It’s one of my favourite shops in London. COMM: Welcome to James J. Fox –
the world’s oldest cigar merchant. COMM: And one of the last reaming public places in the UK, where people can still smoke inside. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: It gets quite smoky. COMM: James J. Fox is based in London’s upmarket Mayfair region and first opened its
doors in 1947. Cigar lovers can also take a stroll around the store’s very own museum. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: We have quite a lot of history attached to the place, with Churchill
being one of our early customers, you know, he was customer of ours for some 64 years. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: Quite demanding customer. That’s the chair that he used to come in
and sit in. It’s a bit battered, but it’s still looking okay. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: People come to see it from all over the world. They want to go down
there and have a look and sit in the chair, maybe have a cigar at the same time. The hat
he brought there as well. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: Part of here, although it’s nothing to do with Churchill, but you
got part of the Oscar Wilde, who was also the customer of ours, going way back, mainly
a cigarette smoker. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: Here we’re. Come into our lovely humidor room. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: We probably have about 130 odd different brands and sizes, yeah.
It varies from around 20 odd pounds up to 70-80. We have quite a lot of rare cigars,
some pre-Castro, they can go into hundreds of pounds. COMM: The conditions a cigar needs to maintain its quality over time are particular, and
James J. Fox also hold stock for clients in their volts, where the temperature
and humidity are perfect. FRANCIS: Well, I mean they have hundreds of years of history of being able to take care
of your cigars and I trust them and so, you know, cigars are not an inexpensive item and
if we’re going to store them and not use in right away, you want to make sure that
they’re kept up to proper quality, and now we know that Fox’s will do that. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: You meet so many people, you know, from all walks of life. We have
a lot of movie stars that come in, a lot of MPs that are still around today. They still
come in and purchase their box of cigars. FRANCIS: The folks who work here are wonderful, you know, they know about cigars, they have
a great sense of humour, so, it’s just a pleasant experience. PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: Certainly, we’ll be we’ll be here for the next 50 years. I should be long pushing up daises by then.