[YB] Cigarette Girl _Music Video

Cigarettes is what she sells I never saw such
a beautiful face Long hair, smokey eyes looking prettier every
day There’s a fight like a Hong Kong movie, just
to get attention from that girl Back home she’s called Saechimdaegi Baby J was being brave, knocked out by a slap
in the face Jin tried, took a chance, chopped up like
fish of the day So now it’s just me left to who never tried anything
so far Get outta my way, here I go Walked in, went up to her and bought a pack
of Doraji Gave her a rose and said (now just) meet me
back in the alley Our eyes were locked and staring, blood pumping
all through my veins Ah Zazazazazazaza
Uh, what do you say? Come on girl I waited all day long ‘till she finally
got off work Took a shower, combed my hair, looking good
I was ready to go All right she’s closing up now, walked up
to her with a smile “Back off!” She said, then walked away Oh, no
Oh no! I cannot believe this but surely I ain’t giving you up up
너 땜에 타락해 이렇게 저렇게 몸부림을 쳐도 안돼
Really don’t care what it takes or however long it takes
Oh man I’m in, I’m in love, yeah Suddenly from the side of the road, I see
guys shoutin’ somethin’ at her Those punks all in her face, oh no not my
Cigarette Girl Atop my steed I’m coming, trample all those
bastards down Ah Zazazazazaza x2 Ah (the) sky is red, I’m seein’ stars 다 같이 뛰자 Cigarettes is what she sells I never saw such
a beautiful face Long hair and smokey eyes, looking prettier everyday When that girl smiles at me and my heart is shouting
I love you Ah! Here I go with ma cigarette girl