You can quit smoking!

[CCO Logo] [Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to help your cancer treatment work better.] [Quitting smoking can help make your cancer treatment safer and more effective] [Surgery
Radiation Therapy
Chemotherapy] [If you quit smoking you are less likely to have infections or complications from your surgery] [When you smoke, your oxygen level drops. Radiation therapy works best when the amount of oxygen in your body is normal.] [Cigarette smoke has chemicals that can lower the amount of some chemotherapy drugs in your blood, making them less effective] [Quitting smoking lowers the chance of your cancer coming back or getting another kind of cancer] [The best way to quit smoking is using both counselling and medication, which can triple your chance of success.] [What can you do today? Talk to:
Your cancer team
Your family doctor or nurse
Your pharmacist] [You can quit smoking] [Ontario Trillium Logo]