YOU WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT!! | Notes of Obsession

Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Notes of Obsession Now this indie horror game came out very recently, and it’s supposedly getting incredible reviews Because it’s so, like, actually good-looking Like ridiculously, ridiculously good-looking And that’s not everything to a horror game, but this is really interesting about it And wow, that is… an incredible amount of detail to put into a single game And the first thing that I actually noticed is I can see the patterns on the wall But anyway, that’s not all that makes up a horror game So let’s find out what there is to this one. Uggh Hey, is that my son? Euggh, not looking so good there. All right, so what do I got? Hello, is this my house? Why was I falling asleep on the couch? Oooh Hello?
*Sudden sound of door closing* *gasp* Fuck you, jeezums! Don’t do that to me! Who has a sliding door like that anyway? Also, who did that? Probably worry-some Ah, yes, perfectly normal to have figurines of ourselves in our own house I’m assuming I’m the wife! Because it sounded like a feminine voice as I was getting up Alright, anyway So that seems like a possible murder weapon that I’m probably gonna be using later on… …but who knows? Ah yes, the bed! The thing that I don’t actually fall asleep on Ah yes, rain! The perfect mood for a murderous story of horror and death Ah, yes Empty House! with no loved ones and a troubled past. Alright, anyway So like most games, I don’t know a lot going into it And like most horror games It’s probably gonna have a good number of jumpscares So be on the lookout. It’s gonna be wiiild. Oh, wait a minute Why couldn’t I go in the main door? Is someone in here? Huh?? Someone better not be in here. *music box in background* Hiiiiiii… How are you doing? Oooh, that’s comforting… I love the music Ah yes, this is gonna be good Always delightful when you’re walking down a hallway by yourself towards some creepy-ass music. Aww–
*Door slam from behind* Fuuck OFF!! …with that shit Don’t do that That was not okay You are a son of a bitch Hello! Oh, no, empty kid’s bed with the name… “LEKLÅDA” I don’t know, this is made by Swedish game design students I think about seventeen of ’em Okay… well that doesn’t look too ominous by itself… but I imagine it’s gonna cause problems for me… HIII! Demonic symbol, that burned itself into muh wall, that’s perfectly normal! “Toggle the right mouse button to close and open the music box.” OHhHh GrEAt! “Hold the left mouse button to activate.” *Cranking* *Music box begins playing* Ahh Ohh Cool, what did that do? What horrible monstrosit– Ooooh ehhh ha ha ha hey Heeeeeey!! How’re you doin’!? Okay, whyy!? Oh, you have no legs! What happened to your legs?! Alright, who’s over there? I’m’na, I’m’na jackslap the shit outta you Oh hey, elephánt Uhhh… Ohhh Oh, so it’s gonna be like that, huh? It’s gonna be like THAT Now let’s see if there’s any other secrets around ‘ere… DING DONG DING DONG BING MONG MING BONG I AM GOING TO SHIT MY PANTS Woahoho Boy, here we go! Yes, oh What in the frick-a-dick? How the fuck did I get in here? No, don’t put it away! Put it up! Put it up and turn it on! *Music box plays* No..? oh… what the fuuuck? Okay! How did I get in there‽ Well that doesn’t make any goddamn sense What the hell is THIS shit? Don’t PUT IT AWAY! STOP PUTTING IT AWAY!!! I keep hitting the wrong button C’mon now Oooh, hello Okay, so I gotta interact with these symbálls (symbols). …okay… Euugh Oh! Ohhh! Oh Ah! Uggh. Ah, there we go Hello! On the TV. That’s okay, I didn’t need… …a brand new TV — *sudden television static* Staaap! I wasn’t even looking! You gotta jumpscare me when I’m paying attention not when I’m doing anything else. Come on Oka– oh, goddamnit, it’s gonna be like P.T.! Oh that’s so like P.T.! Oh god… Hello..? crankity crankity yankity yankity… WHO’S THERE? Ohhh, me no likey THAT! Oookay alright *sudden knocking* Hiee! How you doing?? Noh, Okay! *EUEEHH!* Oh… *demonic roaring* AH! Fuck you! Woakay We went for the door at the same time that probably– Oh, hey, how’s it going? Hi Occupied! I’m busy in here Fuck me… Can I come out? Anybody? Anybody? Can I crank this yank? Do I — Hiii… OHH, it’s the elephánts! OOOHHH! What did you do? Oh, what did you do? Why do I need to
crouch? Holy shit Do I have to crouch? Uhhh Is there something over here? Oh, the painting was knocked over Okay, byee Okay Alrighty then Is anybody over here? Does anybody need to get musicked? Okay Apparently my only weapon to my own madness. Is there something over here? It doesn’t seem to, seem to be anything over here So what was the point of — ohhh, there, I see. I see you Got yaa! Alrighty then, that was one; there’s three
in here Shit Who? Where? Ahhh, there. I got you I see you — *very loud banging from door* Who? Wh – in there? Really? Why? don’t know why… There’s got to be another one around
here somewhere. Hey, buddy? Uh, friend? Can you tell me where the last symbol is? Either I’m a big dumb-dumb who can’t figure this out or it’s somewhere hidden… I don’t know which is worse. Ah, there you
are: on the beanbag! I should have known. Right by elephant butt, okay. Carrying on! Ahhh, shit! We’re back again. Why are we back? Ah, jeez. Give me that — ooughh! HEEEY! OKAY!!! OH, THAT AIN’T GOOD, IS IT‽ OH, OKAY UhhHH! what do I do? What do I do about that? oh… Oh… I don’t know, it’s like I’m being chased by an Amnesia monster Usually something would show itself AT THIS POINT! Whoa, shit I just got to go to through the door, I guess Alright, bye! Okay, I thought there was gonna be
something else that was gonna pop ou-ehhh… *woman catching her breath* Ha ha ha! Oh ho ho! Eh he he he heugh! Uh oh… WhooOO? Guess — Oh shi– *AAHHH!!*
*woman screeches* FUCK YOU! Come on, now, why you gotta be dickitry? Okay… oh, no. Ohhh nooo! Oh no, we’re reliving the
nightmare, over and over and ove– Oh shit Why are we have it here? Huh? Why we have here!? Huh!? We’re not done yet, apparently. Well, let me collect all the symbálls. This is gonna be a bit more of a bitch to find ’cause
there’s so many of ya. Okay, so that’s — *gasp* why do I need to unlock the knife? Why is that a thing — I see you over there;
I’m coming to get you, you symbol bitch! I gotcha! Ya thought you could hide from me; the answer is nooo So I gotta find… All these sacks of crap and I got to imagine that there probably one in each room or something to that effect if not — ooh! Can’t hide from me! *loud sexy monster grunts* AAH FUCK YOU! What the fuck was that!? Oh, fuck! I need to hide from you! I shouldn’t be yelling! Oh, I didn’t know
that you were actuall– oh god! Eyuh! EYUGH! eyu-AAHH AAUGHH! Eyugh! Whaugh! Woah! Okay… Ah! What are you doing? *EUAAAGGH* I’m outta here. OooOOOoohh shit dude! Oh fuck Can I close the door? Can I turn on my music box? Probably not a good idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway Alright Anything in here? I probably shouldn’t be here. I probably should be running away very fastly. Is that thing still even in here? Probably not… …probably not. That’s what I tell myself anyw– Ooh, hello. Got you. I saw you. Okay, got it! I don’t know wh– ooh. That doesn’t sound good. Is the place getting more decrepit or is that just me? Probably more decrepit okay, bye Bye! Bye… FUCK YOU! WHAT THE FUCK? Whassat? What the fuck was thaAat? You wanna tell me what that was? I thought this was starting to be a pretty decent- nnnnn… horror game and then you want to pull that bullshit with meee? Ooh, fuck you, fuck you, I’m going upstairs. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. Aha! okay, got one in here AH FUCK YOU! Oh, that’s not a good sound. Am I gonna be cornered up here? Ooh AH FUCK! OFF! ME! AW FUCK! YOU! AHH! FUCK! ME, IN THE DICK AH FUCK! Hi! *woman screaming and monster sexy moaning* Well! That did not go as I planned. That one isn’t as bad Fuck Okay I sti– it’s still giving me all the
credit for all my dastardly deeds But hopefully Uh-oh I’mna close that We don’t need that We don’t need to bring silly things such as music boxes- *gasp* Fuck off I saw you there Oh shit, did he see me? Ooh, he better not have seen me. Seent me. Uh oh. That’s not good. Uggh. Eeeah, dude! Eaaah! Gotya Guess who? Exit? Fix it? Oh, I thought that said “exit” — *gasp* Fuck off.. …with you… …and that thing… …that you do Okay, it doesn’t look like there’s one in
here I’m going to try to venture out again. I’m just missing one more thing, I’m pretty sure — *monster screeching* Okay… Okay… Okay… Okay… Ohhh. Oh, goddamnit, I’ve been looking all
over the– I’ve been looking all over the home for
that. That doesn’t sound good. Why the laughing? Why do you need to laugh at me? Alright, okay then. Well let’s pick up the knife, ’cause nothing good could come out of this. I mean I could kill a monster with a — Oh ho ho! Hey! *in-game woman screams* Hiii! AH! Woah, man, I gunned for that son of a bitch! Holy shit! Woah, no. Oh no Oh no Oh, no Oh, no Why is the blood covering the portrait of the son..? Mmmph. Mmm. That’s not a good sign! Oh, okay, that’s gonna be the end of it, then Ohhh, great Oh, boy, okay. Well, so that is Notes of
Obsession. This was really well made. I gotta commend the makers of this game: this is absolutely incredible and there was a big team behind this; animation was of
professional quality, the environments were delightfully, like, filled in, fleshed
out, it looked like a lived-in house, they had wonderful mechanics with the looping that was reminiscent of P.T. and then they came out of it into like a hunting around the
house type of deal, so good use of a small location, so,
that’s what I have to say about the game. Thank you to the developers for making
it, and thank you everybody for watching! And as always, I will see YOU in the next
video. Buh-bye!